Infrared Marketing to Insurance Companies

I am considering contacting insurance companies in an effort to capture some infrared imaging business related to property damage. Any recommendations for the best approach? Has anyone had success in getting business from insurance companies? :slight_smile:

I think you might start by cleaning up your IR scans on your web site.

If the insurance company person knows anything about IR your site will not help you.

To start with, I think the Flir Townhouse scan has about outlived expectation.
Lets use something we really found during our inspection.

Are you saying you took that Flir scan? I don’t think so.
Do you even have permission to use it?

You have information all over your scans that have nothing to do with anything.
If it is not relevant, get it off of there.

High range alarms on low temp applications…
A high range alarm not even on the hot part of the breaker panel… etc.

I’ll stop here.
I only took a quick look.

If you need help, get in touch with me.

Kevin Richardson is in your neighborhood and may be of some help.

Jim Sefferin from your training company is also a good source of direction.

Wow! I was not expecting a lecture from a well respected member. OK, I did receive permission to use the two FLIR images, but I did just remove them. They were emailed directly to me from FLIR. So, the remaining images were taken by me on my inspections. David, I will contact you to discuss methods for “cleaning” the images.

It didn’t sound like a lecture to me John, just helpful advice!!
Here is how I got involved with insurance companies. I did several mold inspections for clients that e-mailed the reports to their insurance companies. Adjusters liked the fact I used IR and have been doing work for the insurance industry since. I was even offered a position with a major carrier at one time, the offer is still on the table and I am still thinking about it!!

John, sorry about sounding like a lecture!
I often am “to the point” when I’m tired. I was up working at three o’clock yesterday morning and I was quite hot!

I see you removed your photographs.
I think this is a good idea. As infrared imaging services progress, these same photographs appearing time after time gets very redundant to your potential client. I think it looks very unprofessional to not use your own scans as this demonstrates that you do not have a thermal library to choose from.

I did not intend to accuse you of copyright issues, but day after day I see photographs (some of mine) out there on the Internet being used by people I don’t even know. They all claim that these are some things that they have found, but they either all are working together on the same jobs or somebody didn’t take the picture.

Flir allows the use of just about everything they produce for their clients use (as far as I have seen). Not all companies out there feel the same way (home safe for example). At any rate, anyone that looks at your work and has seen it before may be inclined to perceive that you are not representing your qualifications (which is the purpose of posting these pictures on your website).

I habitually evaluate every thermal scan that I see on the Internet (as my own learning process). I remember what I have seen.

This sermon is not directed just at you, John. It is for every IR operator that reads these posts.

I did offer my assistance, and intend to stand behind that. It would probably be best if we get on the phone and use the reporting software on our computers and go through all the options. Scan manipulation can be done either in the camera or with software. We don’t have the same camera and I’m not completely familiar with your camera’s operation, but I can try to talk you through it.


Thank you very much for your time this morning. I learned a lot, will apply to improve.