Infraspection course worthwhile?

I took the infraspection building inspection course on line. It is the level one course but without the electrical and mechanical components. I was pleased with the course, and learned lots, and the cost was way less than level one, using the Internachi deal that Nick posted a few months back. Infraspection invited me to take level 2, apparently they will accept the building inspection course as a pre-requisite for level 2 training. Bonus.
I would recommend this course to anyone who just wants to do building thermography.

You should also check on the requirements and cost of renewing your certification each year.

You need to renew the certification annually? I didn’t see that anywhere. It looks like that is true for Levels III and IV from what I read.

I may be wrong, but from what I’ve read, the $195 class does not get you a Level I certification. If it does, then I’m on it. Can anyone clarify? I sent an email to Infraspection to clarify.

The Infraspection $195 class is not a level I certification. You can apply it toward a Level I. My thoughts would be, get a Level I and maybe the additional application courses such as flat roofs for extra CE. Level II would be more geared toward commercial mechanical and electrical with more thermography theory. There is no Level IV.

Somebody needs to tell Infraspection that there is no Level IV. From their course description…"This course is eligible for 40 NETA Continuing Technical Development Credits (CTDs). NETA Certified Technicians (Level III and Level IV) are required to earn a minimum of 48 CTDs every three years to maintain their certification."
May NETA is something different?

Yeah, NETA is for Electrical inspections only, probably highly specialized, and they do have 4 levels of certification.

Infraspection Institute has my personal recommendation. Excellent choice.
I am going the Building Inspectors course now.
It is very complete and at $200 dollars is a hands down winner.

Let us be far and compare apples to apples.
Everyone relates to level one.
Infraspection has dedicated there application courses and certification courses.

Certification Courses
Level I
Level II
Level III

Application Courses

Electrical Systems


Mechanical Systems

Buildings & Roofs

Integrated Pest
Management Professionals

Home & Building


ITC is a confit of interest due to the selectivity of the camera they recommend.

Since Infraspection Institute do not manufacture or sell infrared equipment, their courses are presented without marketing hype and are relevant to all brands of thermal imagers regardless of age. **

How can you say its a conflict of interest if you have not taken one of their courses. I have taken two ITC courses and never heard the instructor say one camera was better than another, as a matter of fact they tried very hard to stay away from brand names period. Even thought I am partial to infraspection in all honesty both courses are as good as it gets

In the three courses I have taken from ITC, Level 1, Level II, Weatherization, they never pushed their cameras. There were people with other manufacturers cameras in the classes and they were just as helpful to them as ones with FLIR cameras.

Frak, you have to look at the choices you have at Infraspection institute.
The idea members must remember here is to utilize everything this well established institute offers.
They are at arms length and have no conflicts of interests with thermal imaging camera manufacturers or educational courses.

1: Infraspection Institute breaks down the training/education/certifications into two specific work groups.
Levels and Application Courses

Both have Infraspection Institute working templates for the members to utilize*** in the field***.
The even supply members with an Infraspection Institute PCA if I am not mistaken.

Not to wander away from your post Frank but look at everything as a whole including what one can afford at the present time.

Yes it would be nice to afford an advanced or better yet a professional thermal imager but as with everything in life, affordability must be present and accounted for.

Let me see if I can simplify my question.Is the $195 Infraspection class more in-depth than the Nachi certification class? Or is it redundant?

I am happy for you Charly.
I truly am.

Where did I hear this; I heard from members right here Charly so I went looking…

The unfortunate reality is your course is but one example in many.
I can say the opposite and personally.

Not to draw a relationship behind branding and marketing and how conflicts of interest work, does anyone here remember the protest sent to the CMHC? Remember their marketing for the CHAPI brand.
They said they were being impartial.
They were not and knew it was wrong.

Here is from the ITC advertisement Charly. Subliminal advertising. Read more

CTI training center.

I do legwork, and as everyone knows, for without it your chances for success are lestened.
So I personally went looking at camera’s and educators for the past three years now.

I have personally witnessed the bias marketing/branding Charly.

I am also happy you enjoyed the hands on learning experience and agree that this type of educational model can be superior to distance learning.

Charly I have to apologize to you personally. for the past 2 years I had your name mixed up with another members.
He openly admitted he like to push buttons.

Please excuse me sir.

Best regards.
Robert Young

Night and day Frank. Night a day.
And those two times mean a lot to a thermographer:-)
One wants to avoid “thermal equilibrium.”

I have done both courses Frank.
I have not yet completed the Infraspection Institutes Building Inspectors training course test but I can tell you the level of subject matter and educational material great.
It surpasses the INACHI course.

Quite honestly Frank, I do not know how Jim S. and the Institute team can afford to send you all that material and still make money.
I suspect Nick’s printing business is behind this helping offset the costs.

You receive a box of maternal Frank via post.
You are also signed up with Brainshark servers for your online educational media.
Everything is professional done.
The hardware includes wonderful hard shell binder with the course material printed on quality paper.
There are also plasticized material as well.
All Infraspection Institute material and marketing.
Inside the box is also a metal one gallon shiny metallic container with 3 types of tape for emissivity effect.
You fill the container with hot or cold water to extrapolate temperature reading.
A great idea Frank.

Frank, to be quite honest I was just awaiting for a life size living Barby to jump out of the box than ask me and Mr. Johnson if we required some stimulating massage therapy followed by some horizontal contortionist movements. :slight_smile:

Jim if you can hear me you might want to be taking notes for the next shipment.

As a personal favour I will act as the official packer, tracking and trial representative for the first 10 shipments.

No need to thank me buddy.
I do this for the institute buddy. Just incase you get felonious complaints about the Barby being missing in the order we will have verification that the process works.

No need to thank me or Mr. J.
Its our pleasure mate!:smiley:

Not redundant.

I was in person at the ITC course, different ages/types of cameras present during class. No bias or “sales pitches” kinda stuff given during course while I was there. Other’s experiences may be different?

I can also say the same thing. It makes no difference what camera you bring for the ITC class. They do however give you a FLIR hat on the last day.:stuck_out_tongue:

Can you get say a level 1 from one place but a level 2 certification from the other? I like the idea of doing some of it online due to timing and convenience but want to do it in person if I can…

Good question.

I took level I and II with ITC and infraspection honored both when I took my level III with them. I don’t know if policy has changed or not ask Jim he will tell you straight up