Any good apps out there

Im looking for a different app for home inspections. I want one that doenst charge an arm and a leg, and one were you have the ability to set the app up to your liking’s.

Larry Kage, CMIlkageCertified Master Inspector

Mar '21

Michael, our own Kenton Shepard put this together to help choose software:

For what you’re asking you may need to create your own. It’s hard to get quality and cheap with the same investment


Buy cheap get cheap looking reports

Here you go. Cheap and good. What more can you ask for?


If there is no budget to cover and write off the cost of $100/month software, there is something wrong with your business model. It costs money to make money. Just does not work any other way if you want to do things legit :slight_smile:

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You can anticipate $70 plus a month. I don’t know of any that are not customizable.

I do believe there is a pay per report software. If I remember correctly @tglaze has that info.