Lost another inspection opportunity for VA Loan

Second time this has happened— The potential client called and wanted an inspection but the VA only required a pest inspection. So once I said that I provide only a general home inspection without an official “pest inspection” they went to someone else.
I have a section for WDO’s in my report, I often find and report the presence of WDO’s but always disclaim and refer to a licensed specialist. What do I need to do in order to have the credential necessary to get these VA inspections that have the “Pest Inspection” requirement?

Do the states that you work in (WV and PA) require licensing for WDO/WDI pest inspections?


That’s where you should start.

In Ohio, The Ohio Department of Agriculture administers WDI licensing.

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I need to check. I’m not sure. I’ve been busy and haven’t looked back for a while.

If all they wanted is a termite / pest inspection you didn’t lose much. It wouldn’t even be worth the time in my area.

The VA will want a NPMA33 form completed. It is a racket where you have to buy the form, etc.

Easiest thing to do is find a Terminix guy (who doesn’t do HI) and take him/her along for those jobs. When they call just tell them you work with someone and you’ll take care of it.

Like Ohio, Maryland requires a license through the Dept. Of Agriculture (which allows you to spray chemicals). Course now you need more insurance, CE, etc.

Maryland has put their name on the forms so you have to buy the “Maryland” version Npma33.


They wanted the whole inspection but only if they got it all in one package. They “couldn’t believe” the inspector they called before me wanted an extra $100 for the pest inspection… So I am better off not dealing with them anyway, but I’d like to be ready in the future.
The idea above of taking the non-home inpsector Terminix guy seems like the best way to go! Thanks for the ideas and thoughts guys.

That is definitely the way to go. That’s what I do with almost all of my inspections, coordinate it with a license termite technician. Different company than Terminix…but. Sorry you lost that VA inspection. The next time say yeah I do all that. They don’t care who else you use as long as it gets done by a qualified Pro.


We use a few pest control contractors for our termite inspections. They charge us $50 to $55 and we charge $89. We have a CC on file with the pest control companies so that charge our account. We have them setup in our scheduling system so all we do is take the order and send an email to the pest control company. Sometimes it does became a pain trying to juggle schedules with a different company, but not that often.


I’m in Florida, I simply use a pest company that I have a relationship with, they take on the liability and I still get to keep my inspection. I let the client know we can do all the inspections. I bill the client for everything and pay the termite inspector his fee. You can add a percentage to his fee as well.


The pest control companies around here use the WDI inspection as a loss leader to obtain corrective or future work. The last I heard; they charge around $65.00. It’s not worth the hassle for a home inspector.

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I do these all the time. What the VA wants is a standalone invoice that is not attached in any way to the home inspection or any other ancillary services, frankly, they don’t care who does the inspection as long as you’re licensed to do so.

I am licensed to do WDI inspections in Ohio and I just send them (the bank) a separate invoice for the WDI only. Been doing it that way for years.

As others have mentioned, you should either get your license or sub-out to a company that is as most people like one stop shopping.


Please keep in mind if you include for an additional fee any type of add-on inspection like WDO, sewer scope, mold, etc. you also take on the responsibility of being accountable for the extras.

You offer directly to the buyer
The buyer pays you for all services
You have liability


In my opinion unless one is a licensed exterminator they should not be inspecting for wood destroying insects at all. I personally have always been licensed for pest inspections and to treat, ( although I don’t treat homes I’ve inspected). The lender is depending on your evaluation of the home and if your not trained in what to look for it’s kind of fraudulent. I’ve been called out many times to re evaluate homes once the buyer moved in because of termite swarms or obvious evidence of carpenter ants. But the unlicensed inspector passed the house. So I recommend you get licensed and it’s also a great source of extra income. Here in Jersey a cert goes for 150.00 plus you can also treat if failed.

I would talk to your insurance agent as once you pay the exterminator from your own funds, and they miss something that could be very expensive, you may be liable.