Inspection for Renters

Inspections for Renters I was asked to an inspection for a person who has already rented a townhouse. They say they have issues with the rental unit and would like a home inspection to get the property manager to fix the Items I find or to get out of the lease if he does not fix the items.

I am concerned that this could only have bad “press” for my company, from the property manager.
Your thoughts would be helpful

Don’t worry about the bad press; worry about getting paid… Review your state’s warranty of habitability requirements and stick to those during the inspection. Also, be prepared to go to court because that’s where this is likely headed. Be sure your agreement has a clause in it that compensates you for depositions/subpoenas, hearings, etc. at an hourly rate. My first one caused me to burn up hours of my time and not one damn dime from their attorney. If you have the hourly rate clause, they’ll think twice about dragging you into the courtroom for this type of Jerry Springer-esque drama fest.

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