Inspection pole

I looked around for a quality inspection pole but most were $800 to $1000. So I did some research of my own and put together a very helpful inspection pole. I found 3 different items that work well together. It came in handy to view poorly installed chimney flashing. The chimney was not visible from any spot on the ground unless you had a 25 ft plus ladder. The pole is almost 24 feet tall plus my arm length. It operates through my phone or tablet using a built in WiFi. There is no need for internet or cell phone coverage. It also fits into many crawl spaces and has an led adjustable light. It takes Video or snap shots. All for less than $200 $39.98 $129.98 $21.95

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This is the WiFi camera with led lights and tool pouch

If I was going to build one, I would need it to reach above a 3 story roof.

This was a very tall house, I’m up to the peak by holding the pole off the ground. Walmart has a 3pc add on kit that I carry for $4 that I take along but haven’t needed yet

Drone time.

Do you drone Roy?

Yep! Got one about a month ago and the FAA license as well.

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Which drone did you get?

Mavic Pro Platinum.

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Thanks James I just ordered one.

Nice work, James. Thanks for the tip about the WiFi camera for $129.

Thanks, I also use a 23 foot pole from Lowes for about $40 and a camera adapter from amazon for about $21

James, I received my camera, and have used it many times. The first of this month it wouldn’t charge. After trying to figure it out with no success I contacted the Tool Experts where I purchased it. They sent me an email with an email address to get it resolved, I sent the email to Ferret yesterday, and within a hour they responded back and stated they have sent a new one to me. I received the new one today. Talk about customer service. I will need it tomorrow. I would tell anyone who needs a camera for roof inspections to get the Ferret Camera.


That is nice and it is affordable.
I just ordered it…Thanks

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good information, haven’t had issues with mine yet, knock on wood lol. Here’s a link to photos on a three story home I did recently

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Was that with the Ferret?