Inspection Software for Onsite 4pnt/windmit

Im working with a large insurance firm now doing all their 4pnts and wind mits and its gotten to the point where I would rather be completing the inspection/forms on site. Anyone recommend good app for this ? I’d prefer one that had the option for multiple panels , ac units etc as I do a decent amount of larger homes that sometimes have more than 2 panels and up to 5 ac units. Also would like to be able to have clients sign the wind mit form on site. I use homegauge and they are working on this in beta form but its not the greatest. The only issue I find with reports on site is including permit documents but I can always find those before I head out for the day and already have the screenshot input if possible?

Created by an inspector:


WindSurance is the #1 insurance inspection software in Florida and is available in several different editions. Unlike many of our competitors, our Four Point reports are in the Citizens format with a few minor additions that make it clearer to the person reviewing the reports. Every checkbox and every text field is in exactly the same location as on the Citizens model form. Most of our customers do their reports on-site.

Our reports allow you to adjust the number of photo and comment fields (depending on which edition you are using).

We have All-In-One editions that have the Wind Mitigation, Four-Point, and Roof and editions that have the Wind Mitigation and Four-Point combined. Reports can be published individually or in any combination. The All-In-One reports save you time because you only have to enter common information once.

We have the Electrical report available separately for those times when you have more than one service or more than two panels. It is also in the official Citizens format. None of our competitors have the Citizens electrical inspection report. We have other insurance reports such as the Mobile Home Tie-Down report and commercial WPD report, among others.

We also have the other commercial reports and we can do custom editions. None of our competitors have the commercial reports in the official Citizen formats.

Most of our competitors’ Four-Point reports are not in the Citizens format. That’s one reason insurance companies prefer our reports. Non-Citizens formats can cause your customers to have lengthy delays in having their insurance policies issued, or can cause them to lose discounts or even be denied coverage if the reviewer cannot understand the reports.

One-time purchase. Most editions were updated for 2024, so all the drop-downs for year built and so on include 2024 (You can also type in the year). Navigation was one of the areas of improvement for 2024. The reports are easier than ever to navigate.

WindSurance is a division of one of North America’s oldest inspection software companies.

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TapInspect for iOS.

I have been using Windsurance since George first put it out. Reports are quick and easy.

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