Wind mitigation, 4pt and roof cert software for reports

Hey Guys,

I have been around since 2003 completing insurance inspections. I am an old dinosaur that loves to write reports using PDF documents with pictures imbedded in them. I am having issues with my inspectors that cannot wrap their heads around working with PDF. I wanted to know if anyone has had success with programs that make it very easy to get these reports typed up correctly. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Simple, PDF filler style of software.

I use spectacular as well. I’m not a computer guy, but this is the easiest to use for me.

You said “my inspectors”… if you are the owner of the company then I’d say they need to learn your process or find another company. PDFs aren’t rocket science. If they are acting like entry level then pay them like entry level until they figure it out. Don’t let them dictate how you run your business. There are easier software programs that do it all for you but you’re the boss.

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I appreciate all the feedback!

Here is what I use.
1802-1ST PRO.pdf (310.4 KB)
Citizens Roof Certification 2018.pdf (238.9 KB)

@rlewis5 Thank you very much ! Do you have the 4pt form in the same format?

See attached.
Citizens 4PT 2018.pdf (436.6 KB)

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You are the best. Thank you very much

I am glad I could help.