4 Point and Wind Mitigation Software

Question. Is it best to just use my inspection software (HomeGauge) or investing in a pdf writer software for doing the 4 point and wind mitigation inspections? Thanks.

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I don’t use HG or any others.
I use Pagemanager.
I import (click & drag) jpg blank files.
Then I can type on them, etc. :cowboy_hat_face:
You can print/save jpg, pdf, etc.

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Yes, there are several good choices that fit that bill. It will save you tons of time.

Pdf brand suggestions?

WindSurance ( I use it), put out by a NACHI member here.

Also, I’ve checked out Quick Fill, they have a solid looking PDF insurance form creator.

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I only recently figured out how to get Homegauge to do what I wanted it to with the wind mitigation and 4 point inspection forms (this video was a HUGE help: Webinar: Using HomeGauge Forms, with a focus on Florida requirements - YouTube). Getting my signature to look normal was a hassle though, I wish it would tell us optimal sizing so that the signature doesn’t stretch and malform, because “width less than 300px” was more like a ballpark suggestion. However now I have Homegauge generating my cover pages and forms.

I don’t use it for pictures yet though. Maybe if I was turning in the html reports it would be one thing but I just didn’t like how it turned out for pdfs. maybe I’ll make some customized picture forms when I have the chance but for now I use the photo report generation with Xactimate (I’m also a claims adjuster). I just like that in addition to having my logo at the top corner of every page it outputs large, clear, numbered photos with captioning to the left of them that I can go back and edit with my pdf program. Obviously this isn’t going to be a viable option for most people though, unless you want to pay for an Xactimate license just to use the photo features.

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Rather than create a new topic. Does any of the software save time over editing a pdf?

Wind Mitigation 10 min
4 Point 15 min
Both 20 mins

Thats how long it takes me for each report including looking up permits etc,

Most insurance companies in Florida want to see the citizens form for 4 point and wind mitigation. EZ Home Inspection provides the software for both. I send the reports before I leave the property, game changer!

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I will try that.

I use it and it’s awesome, easy and cheap. One time purchase.

Florida’s #1 insurance software: https://windsurance.com


4-Point: 4-Point Software App from Spectacular Inspection System

Wind Mit: Wind Mitigation Software App from Spectacular Inspection System

They are the best based on what metrics?

Considering your 4 point and wind mitigation inspections, I recommend investing in a dedicated PDF writer software alongside your HomeGauge inspection software. This combination will empower you to create detailed and professional reports for your clients. Additionally, explore insurance agency management software to streamline your overall operations, improving client management, policy tracking, and claims processing, thus optimizing your business efficiency.