Inspection tips you might not know... watch as Joe Farsetta reveals them all!

Thanks Joe and Nick for the Vid.


Joe and Nick,

Excellent tips. Thanks for taking time to help us out.



I just got through watching two videos on a standard home inspection. I understand due to time constraints things had to be left out. However just a recommendation for new NACHI recruits. Video tape an entire 2.5 - 4 hr inspection to include stuff like how to size a service electrical panel the correct way, what to look for once inside the attic other than insulation just everything from A-Z. Having a CMI allow me to tag along as an observer for how long I did was priceless. Having a full length home inspection video being required as part of your educational series would be priceless for many as well. This video should be produced by one of our many seasoned CMI’s. To me they are the college professors of our trade.


Good episode. Thanks for the reminder on inspecting the anti-tipping device for stoves.

Nice work Joe!!

Nick & Joe,
I just saw this episode for the 1st time.

I thought that there was some Good & Valuable information and as a matter of fact I am going to send out a Broadcast Newsletter to the members of our our State Chapter with a link so that they can watch it!

Keep up the GOOD WORK! :razz:


I appreciate the tips. I perform WDI and that will help.

The one about the 2 prong possably caring a ground was good advice.

I always look for the anti tip but I never leave the door closed. I open it while testing. I do this so I remember to shut off.


Good Show


I think that’s a great idea. I don’t know how many would sit for 3-4 hours to watch the whole thing, though (and be able to retain info).

I like that essentially breaks a home inspection down into various parts. You can get a “full inspection” at your pace.



The main reason I say put the entire thing out for our new members is they may come from a state without any formal training requirements. Not saying to get rid of the bits and pieces but put a full one out there as well and make it mandatory for one to watch if they have never done a inspection before in their life. I truly enjoy all these vids. Kind of disappointed the water heater one is $99 as a member. Regardless though the free one’s have been great to watch. I’ll break down here shortly and pay for a few but $99 is just to much if you ask me.

I have one last request. During the home inspection videos only a few times did they zoom in on anything. Zoom in when the inspector is teaching something so people can see to what he’s referring to.