Inspection Universe is coming to Orlando, Florida.

waiting patiently for details…

Anything yet???:|.) :nachi:

Hi to all,

Very Cool, everyone has been complaining about the lack of a FL winter event.

Party on :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

see ya"ll there :wink:


here we go again! :smiley:

I’m firein up the winny and it’s pointn South, just tell me when to pull the tire block.:D:D:D

James, just remember to drop the plow this time, it is soooooo embarassing following the only guy in FL with an 8 ft Fisher hanging off the front of his truck through downtown Disney. OK, just trying to help ;-):wink:



Gerry that is not nice funny as hell but not nice.
Hope you got a picture of that .

Reminds me of a picture I saw years ago of a person who came to Canada in the summer to go skiing.
These are the things a person never ever lives down.

Roy Cooke in Canada where we have no snow
( Like NICK HAS ) our flowers are still in bloom

Looking forward to hearing more

I will be OK if its at a Disney resort again. I have already have started saving my money, so I can afford to buy a large cup of coffee this time

Cant wait to hear the details!!!


I learned the first year and brought my own coffee pot the next year…among other things. :wink:

Any Update? At least tell us the month you’re looking at.

Dang…and I was JUST down in Florida…lol…tried to meet up with Gerry but was doing the “FAMILY THING”…Sorry Gerry

Will you be announcing any details at your Atlanta Business seminar?
By the way, for details about Nick’s business seminar in Atlanta on 10/10/06 go to
Earl Beahm