Inspection Vehicle Setup

Just for fun and for curiosity’s sake, what is your vehicle setup like? Do you use it as a mobile office, or is it strictly a “service” vehicle? Do you print in the field, or send off the report later?

What does your vehicle setup look like? Lets see some pics!:cool::cool:

This is my ride.

Eight feet deep

Nice! Did you just get a new vehicle Frank?

Nice and clean Frank

Wow. Now that’s nice.

its dirty more than its clean. Thats what a work truck is for

I’ve had it almost a year. Just got the graphics a couple weeks ago.

My thoughts exactly and that is a nice setup for ladders. My truck is currently set up for contracting work but once I am finished all the upcoming training and my own classroom time in a few months I intend to add the ladder rack and a few other goodies to make my job easier. Might end up getting a dedicated vehicle simply because it will be hard to do an inspection when the missus takes the only vehicle for groceries.

So does anyone print onsite?

Pick up truck little giant ladder fits under the tool box, so does spectroscope, both locked in. Radon monitors and tools in the bed box, telescoping ladder and tool belt in the back seat.

Frank, your van looks great. Nice job on the graphics.

Thomas~ I’m sure that this may vary around the country but I’ve never printed on site and have only printed about 5 reports in the past 2500 inspections. I email everything and consider it my green promise to the earth.

Here is our setup…Not for everyone.

We have the capability to print on site, but the time and expense is not worth it.

When I used to print onsite I had a portable printer that went into the home with me. I only printed in the truck once because of time restraints. My truck is not set up as a mobile office.

I keep two ladders in the back along with a tote for my shoes, apron, drop clothes… I also have a second inspection bag that has other equipment in it that I rarely use. I also keep seconds of everything in there.

What are you driving?

I was going to ask the same question! That’s a heck of a setup!

Ford E450…

I bought a Kia Sorento on Black Friday and it has been perfect for inspections. Before that I had a 2000 Ford Explorer that finally called it quits once it rolled over 215,000 miles.

Between the gas mileage difference and the lower gas prices, I am saving over $100.00 a week.

This was us at the last job today…people stop and actually read the trucks…I love it.

That is a nice set up Russell! Frank, yours is sharp as well.