InspectIT Discontinued?

Just as I’m preparing to open up shop and start doing paid inspections, I get an email that AHIT will no longer be developing InspectIT and will be focusing on training rather than software. Really sucks because I just started to get comfortable with navigating the app. They did say in the email they are actively looking for a partner for their customers, but who knows when that will be final or who that is.

Does anyone have more info on this or who the partner could be? I’ve already decided I’m going to switch to HIP, but I don’t want to make the switch now only to learn later that the current InspectIt customers will move to their platform anyway.

Post the email…

Hello InspectIT User,

We have an update to share on InspectIT.

The decision has been made to stop development on the new InspectIT app so that AHIT can focus on what we do best – home inspector training.

We know how important a report-writing solution is, therefore we are actively looking for a partner to fulfill the needs of our customers. You need a tool that is reliable and easy to use, with an exceptional report output. We will be working with a provider that focuses on report-writing technology, and are confident the new platform replacing InspectIT will better support your business.

For now, keep using the current InspectIT app. Please be assured, we will continue to support our customers for a reasonable time after a partner is in place. We will keep you informed on the timeline and share the options available on the new platform, which will replace InspectIT.

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Trouble is, they have been selling this all along with the promise of the update coming since almost a year ago. How many folks bought in to the software thinking they were actually going to deliver an update. I have contacted them almost monthly for information on the update. Same story each time. Not this month, or…it’s in the beta testing. I didn’t just recently buy the software. I have used it for about 9 years, mostly because I am used to it, and it’s a thorough system. I know many speak ill of the software, but it has worked for me. I suspected it was a stall tactic last year.

My point exactly

I took my class in June, bought the software, got accustomed to it and comfortable with it and now it’s obsolete lol

Tim, shoot me a message. We have a huge deal for the inspectors switching from InspectIt to HIP and I can get you all set up. We’ve been around for 17 years now. We aren’t going anywhere!

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Dom, I think there are going to be a bunch. Not fun having to learn a new system after 9 years.

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Absolutely. Their software isn’t going to stop working tomorrow so there’s not an absolutely rush but we’re ready to help guys convert when they’re ready. We’ve been helping inspectors get used to switch from other software to HIP for 17 years so luckily we know how to make the process easier. We have support now in 6 states and Canada so that you have someone to talk to 16 hours a day if needed. When you’re ready we have a 3 month free trial for you guys and a huge discount off the software.

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I’d love to get more info on this. Unfortunately, I can’t PM you because I’m still a newb and don’t have the power but you can email me or call/text so we can discuss the next steps.

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Sure thing Tim. One of my team will give you a call shortly

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