Texas report writing software?

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I am currently using InspectIt Report Pro for Texas, however, I would really like to integrate a PDA into my reporting. Since Report Pro does not yet have the PDA software available, I am considering InspectNow as an alternative. Any opinions? :-k

I have no opinion of InspectNow s/w other than it is very pricey. Whatever s/w you select make sure the Texas template is easily updated as the current TREC TX 7A-0 template will likely change dramatically in the next few months.

I use Report Plus with my PDA. Is there a Texas version for Report Plus?

Homegauge has a PDA add on in beta test. It’s not a substitute for the main software but is a data collection tool to use on site. I use HG but have not tried the PDA add on.


I use InspectIt Report Pro for Texas with a tablet PC and love it. I had a program that used a PDA but Report Pro is much faster. When you leave the inspection there is very little left to do except print.

You can try InspectionWise as well. You gather the information on the PDA then upload to the desktop to create the report. Their reports are generated in Word so adding additional text, tweaking fonts, adding pictures, etc. is pretty easy.

There is a learning curve as the software is set up to add issues/comments on a room by room basis rather than by system like the Standard form and some other programs are set up.

Good support as well. You do have to pay per report though, but the tradeoff is that there is no charge for software upgrades. So really you are paying for software upgrades but it is done over time rather than all at once.

I really like Report Pro as well, I’m just tired of waiting for the PDA add-on! Perhaps looking into purhasing a tablet pc is the answer. Which one are you using? Pros/Cons.

In the meantime, I’ll visit the thread.

Thanks all!

I use an everex slatevison I bought new on ebay for 499. It was a closeout, but I have had it over a year and really like it. The only drawback is no keyboard. But I just save the inspection on a flash drive and finish the report on a regular laptop if I need to.

Please have a look at InterspectVoice
at the following URL:




Ahit seems to have a pretty nice Texas reporting software
I’ve been playing with the demo version

Plus they have a pay per report option

Haven’t tried any other software for Texas reporting -so can’t say anything about them

I have been using Inspectionwise for a year now and am very happy with it. I have cut my report writing time down to 15 - 30 mins. That time is basically to insert photos and manipulate the layout and proofread. The report is basically completely written when I leave the site on my PDA/PPC. The software allows you to pick from a canned comment list (I have around a 850 canned comments/issues so far) also allowing you to modify the canned comment to fit the situation, or you can write a custom comment and it is kept and put in the proper section of the report.

I found the learning curve to be very easy. Initially it added about 30 mins onsite. After a week or so it was back to normal, and now is probably shorter because I spend less time writing down all the information as many standard items are canned.

If you want more info on it feel free to contact me.

PI Reports just released a TX version: http://www.nachi.org/pireports2006.htm

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PI Reports the best reporting software for the buck now offers a Texas Edition. NACHI members get a $10 discount which makes the cost under $65.00. Compare and you’ll see this is the real deal.