Insurance help please!

Continuing the discussion from Inspector insurance?:

There is no “discussion” to continue.

Poor MB ettiquette (double posting) will not help you with your query.

The inspectors you want to reply are busy inspecting, or working on reports.

If you’re only gonna give 1 hour to reply… go to Facebook where the losers are!

Looky there, no more time to reply. Back to work!

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I am new to these forums, I wasn’t aware that I had a time limit on my post. I’m glad at least one person was not working and able to reply. So now I know. I’ll figure out how to set the post time so I can get some valuable information. Thanks for your time, I can tell it’s very valuable.

Yep, another post by an always offended “home inspector”

Yeah, I wasn’t trying to offend anyone, just trying to use this as resource.

Please contact:
You will get all the answers and excellent insurance.

Thank You!!!

Ask for Ben Garrison.

Will do…

Trust me… I wasn’t the one offended!!

Now I’m starting to wonder how much JJ is actually working. :construction_worker_man:

No need to wonder, just ask. Maybe I’ll reply without ‘offending’ you. Then again, maybe not! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Y’all are offending me. :laughing:

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