Vehicle Magnets,

I like to know how does everyone feel about vehicle magnets, good, an the bad. Does everyone have them on their vehicle. if not why? I appreciate everyone’s thoughts

Ok…what about any legal issues being on your vehicle would one need a commercial insurance in case if there was an accident and it was your fault. then the other driver see’s your business sign and think…jackpot…take your insur. to the cleaners. Has it ever happened? How does everyone feel about that?


I got mine from vistaprint, they are ok but a little thin

Magnets are OK.

But I think a wrap, even a small partial wrap, says way more about your commitment to your business.

From a California NACHI event:

Gary - no problem other than someone taking them! Hmmm…

Hey Ian, I was in that parking lot when that PIC was taken.

Hi Gary, if you decide to order vehicle magnets be sure to check on the thickness and ink that is used. Some of the less expensive online printing companies use a thinner magnetic stock than is ideal for vehicle use.

We offer 30 mil UV resistant vehicle magnets through Inspector Outlet, and we’ll design the magnets for you for free:

I know, because I had just handed you the InterNachi pop up banned and table cloth you had let me borrow right before I snapped this picture. :slight_smile:

Also, before ordering a magnet, make sure it will stick to your vehicle.

Some vehicles with dent resistant panels are not metal, and magnets won’t stick.

Look into vinyl graphics … Not a week goes by someone does not comment on my truck or HHR and many times I hear " I see your company vehicles everywhere". The cost was very low and the image impact is priceless… Do be a "today we do windows " guy… You want to stand out from the rest unless this is just a part time gig for you

I had magnets back when I started my construction business back in 1986. My doors rusted big time under the magnets. Didn’t realize you had to pull them off frequently and dry them off.

I tried vistaprint magnetic vehicle signs. One deteriorated and the other blew off when driving. They gave me my money back.
Inspector Outlet vehicle magnets are probably a much better choice.
I purchased mine at They’re well made, but you design it yourself.

Thanks Jesse.

Even a partial wrap is better than magnets.

Depends on your usage, but here are some pros/cons:
Cheap, even quality ones are relatively inexpensive

Easily replaced or updated/changed if needed

Gets your business name out there

Able to remove them if needed to 'not advertise" if a situation arises that you wouldn’t want your business name showing (I.e. bars)

Cheap - people may think you’re not reputable or inexperienced

Theft - although when I did use them, it never happened

Inexpensive ones come off at highway speeds or in the carwash.

Can ruin vehicle finish if not properly maintained

Look cheesy if not centered and level, which can be a nuisance to do all the time.

With that being said, you can get the doors professionally lettered for around the same price as quality magnets, whiich, in my opinion, looks much more professional until you can afford full/partial wrap.


WOW!! lot of good feedback. I will certainly research these avenues. I certainly don’t want something that will blow in the wind. 30mil…UV got it…I will check around and get some prices.
Stephen H. Payson… that’s good info… I didn’t know one had too.
Kevin Frizzell good pros/cons didn’t think that the “inexperience” aspect of it.
Frank Rotte good point it does shows a very large commitment
Richard Ingalls, thanks I had been looking at them.
Claude Lawrenson,. that was a consideration.
Jessica Langer, are there different types of ink that’s used?
George Skeeters, I will certainly look into the vinyl graphics

Looks like I have to more research to do.
Thanks guys for the input.

You can get vinylhere for a good price, and install yourself.

I dunno, magnets just don’t show commitment.

Not a fan of magnet signs, kinda cheesy.

But you don’t have to go big time on a full or partial wrap either.

First off, the design is most important.
Without good design a few K spent on a wrap means zippo.
The design should be consistent across the board, vehicle, website, brochures etc.

If you don’t have design sense then seek out those who do, ask for advice from friends who do as well.
I have a very simple graphic on my vehicle.
It has gotten me work and good comments from clients and rea’s.
I prefer clean, basic graphics over glitz, but that’s just me.

For vehicle magnets you want to make sure the inks won’t fade quickly in the sun, so they should be non-fading and UV resistant.

Anyone know where you can order your company logo as a tint for your back window of your vehicle?