Inspector pants

WHile looking for a new flashlight pouch I noted the endless potential for all the tactical gear for home inspectors. Belts, pouches, clothing, etc.
No more tool bags and fanny packs for me. Time for some upgrades. Links for some cool stuff.

I’ve been looking for a lower profile option than tool belt pouch. This may be it. One “holder” per tool.

I have made the same decision.

I got 4 pairs of these in different colors for xmas

and one of these in black. Not sure if I’ll ever use it. it is kind of heavy. If I show up for a wind mit with just this and no shirt I may get some strange looks. I like the khaki color better but figured it would get dirter.

I’ll probably be getting this also for my most important tools.

Sean uses a fanny pack! :expressionless:):expressionless:):|__)

How do you guys comfortably bend, stoop, crawl, etc. with all that crap in your pockets? I started out wearing cargo pants cause I thought it’d be great to keep tools in and such but I quickly learned how uncomfortable/awkward/restrictive it is during inspections (not to mention all that stuff gouging your legs).
Just plain ole’ dress pants for me.

I use the 511 Vest tried a pouch but found a lot of the items would fall out when I would kneel down. As others have done I clip all of the regular use items like voltage ticker and receptacle checker to the vest with retractable namebadge cords. they even have a place to carry a water bottle if needed.

For crawl spaces I like flight coveralls/jumpsuits they have all sorts of zipper pockets and velcro around the wrists so you can have a nice tight fit to help keep the bugs out and zippers at the ankle so you can get it over your shoes!

Mine are mainly for wind mits. Home inspections I bring in the tool bag leave it by the computer and get whatever i want that I do not want to carry.

When I first started inspecting I had a bag like everyone else. I would leave the bag somewhere convienant and pull stuff as I needed it. I found I was leaving things behind as they were just in a bag. I started wearing a pouch like I have done my entire life and have not left anything behind. Everything has it’s place and I can tell just by the weight if something is missing. I couldn’t where pants as I would feel awkward in them with all that stuff.

I left a lot behind when i used a bag also. with the pouches I havent left anything since- going on 2 years.

I started out using a tool vest because I got tired of going up and down 3 stories to get a tool I forgot in my bag. Then, that got tiring. Now I just use nice golf pants with large front pockets and carry the main common tools. I have been debating getting cargo pants (we don’t have that many crawls here)

I also think I have cut 25% off my on site time by wearing my tools fyi

Inspector Pants = Smarty Pants

Those velcro holsters are useless for “real-world” use. In fact, any concealment holster that is not custom made for your specific weapon is a waste of money.

I have three of these, one for my .40 cal, 1 for my 9 mm and one for my .380.

I know exactly where my weapon will be if I ever need it :smiley:

Thanks Jeff, I am going to Evernote clip it right now :slight_smile:

Awesome advice. You likely saw the pocket holster I have for my mini revolver by John Losey. It was custom made to fit the revolver with attached laser.

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I wear 5.11 Tactical Pants lightweight ripstop. I always have a pocket holster for whichever I am caring.

I have been wearing the Propper Light weight tactical pants (9 Pockets). The best part is that they are water and wind resitant but still breathable. Great price at 39.95!

Well at the moment I only carry the NAA 22 mag revolver in the custom leather pocket holster on my person or the 38 in my Leather bag or bike pouch or now scooter pocket. :frowning:

After I acquire a pistol I will likely try one of the crossbreed IWB models.
Just have to figure out what pistol I want. I cold see myself having more than one of their models. I am not to fond of pocket carry even with my little one in the soft well made leather holster. Getting to it in a struggle could prove to be next to impossible. I like to think no one would get the drop on me but that’s when you would need it most.