Inspector Tools in Canada

Maybe that’s what the guy at Sams Club meant when he said 17’.
I have a Costco membership, but they don’t have these ladders.
I can get a “lttle giant” at Costco for about $150.00.

Roy R. it must be a very little giant?:eek: :eek:

Vern possibly try this guy. He often is an exhibitor at H.I. Conferences in Canada for many years. I have bought several pieces of equipment from him and been very satisfied. I cannot find a website. **Alternative Inspection Products **
An All Canadian Company
Call Toll Free: 1-877-838-3288
The place to come for all your Home Inspection tools and equipment.
Moisture Meters
Gas Leak Detectors
Infrared Thermometers
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Water Pressure Gauges
Borescopes, etc……

It opens up to 12’

I think you have made a mistake . I do believe you will pay about $400:00 or more for the little Giant I know of many HIs who have them ( Me included ) that feel they are the best. Roy cooke sr

Maybe I’m wrong…I’ll check again tomorrow.

I think Tyrone is right it extends to 12’ with reach of 16’. Thats what happens when you don’t read the label. Or maybe its just a man embellishing length again! :wink: :wink:

Thats funny Ray.


I got a little giant last year from this site
they shipped it free and it arrived from Surry BC in less than a week.

Got a type II- 21 ft for $400.00 and I love it. I also carry a 5 ft step ladder for attic hatches in small closets.



Telestep ladder at Costco Canada.

I just purchased one of the telescoping ladders (I believe its from Teletech)from Home Depot and they extend to 12.5 feet. Easy to work, good locking mechanisim from what I could tell in the short time I have used it. I find it fantastic that I no longer have to hawl around step ladders. Allows me to reduce the size of vehicle, which translates of course into lower fuel cost and additional savings.

Roy, You are right. I just came from Costco. The ladder I was looking at is a Featherlite 83425 12’ articulating ladder for $129.00. It looks like and appears to work very similar to the “Little Giant” hence the mistake. The telescoping ladder from Costco that I gave the link to is only available from Costco on line. Home Depot has the Metaltech telescoping 12.5’ with a 16’ reach ladder for $259.00. It has an ANSI Type 11 rating.

I bought this model from Home depot 4 years ago for $149.00.
It’s the only ladder I carry,
It’s a lot lighter then the giant and it’s great for attic inspections when the hatch is in the ceiling. Because it stays locked in the position you put it in. It does not flop around and break ming vases like step ladders etc do. :slight_smile:


Looking for a good canadian made moimoisture meter try these guys .Electrophysics Box 1143 station B london on. N6A5K2 Ph# 519-652-5196 work great on drywll, plaster,concrete,brick kitchen&bath ceramics and wood products. I have one and have used it for the last three yearsand it works great even comes with its own calibration kit. Sorry they dont seem to list thier web site.

I’m looking to replace my old one.
I would appreciate it if you could provide the model name and number.

Vern;The model I am useing is the ct808 price $ tax and shipping.It works great and easy to calibate when needed

Thank you

What part of the visual inspection do you use a moimoisture meter ??Are we going to far?:o

I use it to confirm stains are dry or wet.
Randomly to test basement finished walls for dampness.
I think you will find those without moisture meters to be in the minority.

Just because you have a meter does not mean you have to use it in every inspection. It should be considered an aid to visual clues.