Inspectors offering regular home maintenance checkups? Watch this short video.

A very good video but won’t the consumer get confused about going to Ben’s site instead of going to a NACHI site?

I have been offering this service for years, with almost no results. People do not want to spend money to find out what is wrong with their homes, and end up spending more money. If Cap and Trade passes, the feds will force this upon the home owners. However, this is a good idea, all you have to do is sell the home owners; not home inspectors. Same with home inspections. I suggest you market in magazines, internet, RE magazines, etc. People still do read this type of media. It is not all internet.

Now the price of the book I have been giving away is listed; I have been telling my customers that it is priced higher; two dollars is not much to give-a-way.

This would be a great video to post to You Tube! I see Ben has posted a couple there already, good idea.

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The video and presentation is well done. Can the video be used on local HI websites?

Also, to date, I have had no luck in interesting my clients in maintenance check ups. This may be slow to catch on. When there becomes some drive behind it, I would be willing promote it again…

Even if you’re not hired to do a home maintenance inspection, it’s just a good way to make contact with past clients.

Past clients satisfied with your work are talking about you. What are they saying? Good things or bad.

Send them some information about home maintenance. Tell them that you offer a service that helps them keep their home in good shape. It actually doesn’t matter if they hire you or not. It gets them talking about how good of an inspector you are, and the great attention you have for your clients.

Tell your current clients after the inspection, “I’m going to contact you in 10 months to schedule a home maintenance checkup - just to see that you keep your new house in good shape. Okay?” They’ll get a kick out of it.

The main idea is to keep in contact with your clients.
Don’t just do an inspection for them, take the money, and never speak to them again. That’s crazy. Those are satisfied customers who need to be reminded that you’re still around, and could use some good referrals.
Don’t take the money and run.
Keep in contact with your clients.
Send them the link to the InterNACHI page -

I have a MAINTENANCE inspection among my many different types. In 2009, I did 27 of them, two per month. Not a lot, but enough money to pay for lots of things that I otherwise would not have been able to pay for.

Interesting thought, thanks.

That’s fantastic to hear. What about other benefits (other than the money you make from doing the maintenance inspection) - like keeping in contact with past clients?


Totally consumer-oriented, and

All downloads stay on InterNACHI’s site.

Check it before you tell all your clients about