Inspectors view on mudjacking

I am curious how most inspectors view <a href=“” alt="" target="">mudjacking</a> as a method of raising driveways or other concrete slabs?

Our chapter is having a meeting on it tonight:

Our chapter just had a training session last month on it at our regular meeting.

With the high cost of replacement, I’m surprised it’s not more commonplace. Cracks are almost a guarantee with concrete anyway.

I have had my sidewalk mudjacked 2X at 3 differant areas. It has worked well. Cost was reasonable. Last year neighbor was having done and they did about 8 slabs for $300.

I like it, recommend to my clients. Add links to my reports.

For stabilization, pressure grouting is also an option.


What may I ask is this???



High pressure injection of grout into the soil beneath an unstable area. Not really as much for lifting as for stabilizing permeable or poorly-compacted soil.
Its a general term covering permeation grouting in which grout stabilizes soil by filling in the spaces between soil particles, and compaction grouting designed to compact soil beneath an area needing stabilization and fill the void then created with grout. kind of like installing a concrete pier or grade beam beneath a weak section of foundation, but without having to dig it all up, form and pour it.