Installation Guidelines & Instructions

We’ve added a new page to our Chapter Website for manufacture installation instructions and guidelines from various industry associations. Here you will find some of the more common references used by home inspectors. Feel free to browse, download and make suggestions. If you have a favorite document(s) that you use on a regular basis let us know we’ll be glad to add it to the list.


THANKS Kenneth for all you do!

Great items !!

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Good stuff, thanks!

Good information! Thanks Ken!

Thank you Kenneth there were some great documents in there.

Good stuff, Kenneth…Thanx!

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Thank you for sharing.

These are gold!! Thanks you!

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Yes, some gold nuggets and no turds around. Pick them up while they are fresh in your mind! :grin:


Added a few on Garage Doors and openers

Always appreciated, Ken!

Added a couple more to the instructions and guidelines sections. Feel free to share your favorites and I’ll add them to the list.

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