Toilet In Bedroom

I have nothing to say but :shock: :roll: :slight_smile:
and yes its next to the bed (they are not handicap either) they seem willing and able to make it to the throne like the rest of us
This isn’t even the master

Toilet Pic Bedroom.JPG


Found a toilet in a bedroom closet. Better yet it was facing the kitchen about 10 feet away through a doorway without a door. Nice! NO reading light or TP holder though.

Modern day version of “Chamber Pots”!! :slight_smile:

I just asked my wife … she won’t let me put a toilet in our bedroom

I told her it’s for “enhanced efficiency” she still wouldn’t bite. :frowning:

Had a water closet in an attic last week Max headroom was 4.5’

Hlazacek3108 001 (138)B.jpg


Assume a fire damaged attic in the other pic.? Melted plumbing vent and painted over smoked trusses to kill the odor. Any other tell tale signs noted? Did they disclose this or leave it for you to find?

Well you are right you won the door prize, in fact there was a fire and no one disclosed it (original owner) then tried to paint over it, the 2x4’s are burnt through and what you can also see is the Mold it actually covers about 90% of the attic… Plus all the sheathing is so full of moisture.
The vent pipe you see is actually bent and blocks the flow of gases not burnt.

I could have let all this go if they would have just installed a GFCI (kidding)

I love this job so much, how exciting to everyday go in the field and get to see stuff like this!!!

Come on Troy!!! They’ve been doing it for years in the county jails… :mrgreen:


Troy did they say what started the fire?
Chris is your wife in the witness protection program?

Yeah but there they have standards right:D look how clean that is.

Hey Robert they did not say because they left, And the Realtor told me to leave handed me the check and said see yo next week for another house, you know these buyers were totally against a home inspection, the Realtor had to force them.

This was found in a commercial inspection of a daycare center. Toilet built into the counter top, wash your hands at the same time!!! What a great idea:mrgreen:

…maybe I should design one for the kitchen table?

Maybe a diaper-dumper? Thanks everybody for all the great potty-pics! Practical plumbing solutions. :mrgreen:

Yeah,… but that pic. is from their Come, Stay, and Play vacation brochure… :mrgreen:

I’m sure its not that c l e a n after a long stay,… :shock: :smiley:

No, and she would never allow me to make it that far … she’s pretty good with the 30/30 it busts more than just brush. :frowning:

Nothing on the fire, Sorry the attic was less that 3 feet I couldn’t belly crawl.

Looking at some web site and videos. I see photos of the lid up and we are looking in to the hole of all holes. If you are going to take a photo of the bathroom can we put the lid down! Please.

We see some with a mess from buba or a ring that Mr clean can’t remove.


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