TPR Drain Tube

Havn’t posted in a while but I couldn’t resist this one. It gets worse, it’s ran into and capped in the the attic.


Well, yeah it should be capped… you try to avoid putting excess moisture into attic spaces. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what i’ll put in my report… :slight_smile:

Huh…what are you going to put in your report? Hopefully not about capping it to keep moisture out of the attic…

By using the INACHI Message Board rule 114.5 subset 12 of section A…the usage of the emoticon has designated the previous reply by myself to be a smart-*** response. Tim has read and understood the almighty emoticon to deem it to be a joke and therefor, will not enter it into his report.


oh…and :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh…I see. My bad. Although keep in mind that there might actually be an inspector that is new to the business and promotes that business using a contractors license which is designated Landscaping. That inspector may not view the post as a joke and assume that the installation is correct. Just my 2 cents in dealing with the fly by nights we have up here right now in NorCal.

I actually laughed at your post and found it funny. Some things people and sub par contractors do amaze me.

Uphill, reduced in size and capped - Trifecta!

Too funny:D

Only Lower would get an Upper. :slight_smile:

:):):slight_smile: Seriously;-)