Insulator on service drop, neutral, strain relief

Are insulators needed on the neutral? I see them both ways, very often attached directly to the hook. First photo is the one I’'m asking about, the other two are past inspections where no insulator is seen.
Problems I see: Insulator standoff is not properly secured to the house. The neutral looks like its in contact with the siding. Do these type of crimps need to be wrapped with tape?
Thank you.

Drip loop needs correction. I have a problem with cables in contact with the home because of abrasion. And that appears to be aluminum cladding, could become energized. Not sure about wrapping the connectors.

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Neutral looped/lassoed on the glass insulator.

No drip loop on one of the 120V legs.

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Around here there are two electrical utilities, one requires an insulator for the drop connection the other does not. The latter allows the open hook as shown in the photo.

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All 3 line are very tight with little to no drip loop.
Neutral and conductors lines all are touching aluminum corner fascia that can become energized. The glass isolator is not a safety concern and looks to be off an old 60amp service drop but shouldn’t be needed and could be removed.

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I forgot…Several SEC anchor fasteners are missing, loose, corroded.