Wind Mitigation Not Needed?

I have a client that wants a refund for Mitigation Inspection because her insurance agent said I did an in-necessary inspection because their insurance underwriters didn’t require a Mitigation Inspection on homes built in 2004 or newer (this one built in 2004), and they would get Full Mitigation credits without an inspection report.
I have heard of a Few underwriters not requiring it, however, the in agent informed me I am performing inspections not needed that they have many that do not require report and that I am charging my clients for something that is not necessary!
Anyone else have this issue?

So what if your client switches companies, and that firm now requires or requests a Wind Mit?

Not your place to assume what the underwriter’s requirements or ad-hoc rules may or may not be.


I do wind mits all the time on FBC homes. There are extra credits for opening protection, SWR, and roof shape. Maybe not all carriers need a wind mit for those, but you (or your client) would not know that initially. If your client ordered one and you did one, why would that warrant a refund?

I agree, however, the insurance agent is saying I did an inspection that was not necessary and Should refund money. Very unethical!!
I know there are a Few companies that don’t require inspection for credits, but this agent said all his companies give Full credits if built in 2004 or newer, even if there is no opening protection? Never heard of that!

It is 2003 or newer.
Yes! Because they were built to the FBC at that time.

Now if changes to the home have been made like shutters and the like they may get additional credits for the improvements.
I alway ask the client to call their insurance company and ask them if they will needs a wind mit or 4 point.

The FBC credit only includes, roof covering, RDA, and RTW as far as I know. Opening protection, self-adhered underlayment, and hip roofs are NOT required in all areas of FL.

I perform a wind mitigation inspection on every home I inspect. I do not charge my clients for it, until they call me saying they need it.

They can give me a check at the time of inspection and I hang on to it, or they can pay with PayPal when they need the inspection.

I always tell them wait until you need the wind mitigation inspection.

Sometimes the house doesn’t make it through the home inspection and the wind mitigation inspection isn’t going to help at that point.

Added with edit: Since I have done it this way since I started doing wms, I have never had this issue come up.

Tell the agent, in front of the client, that he should refund premium for every month a claim didn’t occur because he sold your client insurance that was unnecessary.

I think I would put the onus on the client to determine if the wind-mit was needed, but I don’t operate in FL.

And then tell them you don’t do refunds…EVER.

I don’t work in Florida AND we’re not insurance agents, BUT … Like Chuck said. Humiliate the insurance agent immediately and get him out of YOUR deal

Did your client ask for the wind mitigation or did you do it automatically and upcharge for it? I always ask if they want it or if their insurance requires one.

I don’t to that inspection or work in Flordia, but I do have my clients check and sign what inspections they want. I recommend (everything most times) but they choose. I don’t refund for termite inspections if I don’t find them, or if the bank didn’t require one. If the bank or insurance requires something great, but end of the day it’s about information and peace of mind, that’s why I always tell them, it’s your choice what I inspect today.