Insurance company ignoring my calls and email after submitting Wind Mitigation Report

Performed a Wind Mitigation to a client and submit it the report via email with all pictures, call them to ask to see if they already received the report, the agent put me on hold for some time and then don’t know if she hang up the call or call drop, then call back another person answer, told them the report was emailed to their office and need their answer after report was send, the office keep ignoring calls and never reply to email. Still waiting and Waiting…

Normally it takes 2-3 weeks with most carriers.

You should be sending the report to you client and let them forward it to the agent, or send it to both. It is not your job to verify that the agent has the report. The client needs to take some responsibility here.

Nobody said mitting was easy :cool:

At least they should confirm they got the report or not, that is all i want to know, if they really received the report they should say something like they are in the process of reviewing the report or something like that, but i dont have any answer from them yet, call this morning and the staff from the home insurance department still not calling back or receive her email, just want it to make sure they got the report.

sssssssssshhhhh do not give away all of our tricks :smiley:

This is why I tell everyone when I book the inspection, it is THEIR responsibility to submit the inspection to their insurance provider. It is printed again on the invoice in bold and underlined.

Of course, I email them to agents occasionally out of courtesy. In that case, I tell the client it is THEIR responsibility to confirm the agent received it.

Yeah i know that, but this client is happen to be a good friend of mine so im just doing a favor for him, i usually let the client send it over to the insurance company, but this time im doing it because of my friend.

Yeah i usually tell the client is their responsability to send it over to thier agent but this client is a different case because he is my friend so im just doing him a favor

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I don’t mean like to tell them but to let them know they should send the report to their agent

Maybe its just me, but from day one I have always submitted all insurance inspections directly to the agent in PDF format …with a copy going to the homeowner.

They just do not understand customer service.

Yea…I think that is whatcha callit

We email the agent and the client the report. Even if we don’t have the agent’s info. We call the agent and get their email info. We consider that part of the customer service we provide.

…Maybe that’s why we don’t need to do re-inspections to keep the phone ringing…:mrgreen:

Seems simple to me

With 20% of American Adults **not **on-line why would you just not take care of submitting it?

You can then build a relationship with the agent(s).

We get most of our new agents this way…

Do the PR thing, print the report w/pics, put it in a binder with a cover letter. Hand deliver to the office manager with a bag of bagels, cream cheese and coffee.


Sit on your *** and wait for the angels to bless you with success:mrgreen:

Activate the “Read / Receipt” function on your e-mail, so that when the e-mail gets opened, you’ll get an automatic reply that it has been opened.