Insurance discounts decreasing

Here is a paragraph out of a recent article. About 60% of previous wind mitigation inspections were done wrong.

Of 566 homes reviewed, 375 will have their premiums raised upon renewal because they did not qualify for wind mitigation credits. Citizens estimated the net impact, after paying Inspection Depot, would be about $350,000 in increased premiums.

Does not surprise me one bit.

The new form alone, is just going to boost the number of insurred that cannot qualify for previously recieved credits.

The numbers are going to make it look as though there has been massive amounts of fraud or plain ineptitude.

Then again…

Plain ineptitude sums it up well. Plus there is no where to go for answers to issues that come up in the field.

they changed 90% of straps to clips

The people who did it for MSFH were giving those credits as they were instructed to. a strap counted if it went up and over with a nail on the opposite side. Now everyone is going by the 1802 definition.