Insurance Inspections

I am planing on giving a short demo on ways to write insurance inspections at the Orlando Conference. Is there a program or template that you like and why? What do you use for insurance inspections?

There is several I have not tried and do not use and do not want to leave the good ones out.

Mike… NO. :stuck_out_tongue:

Last time I did them, I was actually hired by a 3rd party valuation company for risk assessment, providing service to a few underwriters. They had their own software, I don’t do them any longer.

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John, what type of insurance inspections are you referring to?

I use my own custom MS Access database… I think you will have a hard time finding something that is widely used… a lot of guys use their own custom stuff. I don’t know of any companies who have created any templates etc. What do you use John? A PDF filler? I think HIP may have a template…

Come on Kevin… I am surprised the sales folks are not beating down this door. I get solicitation emails about the newest and greatest almost weekly. Complete waste of money if you ask me :slight_smile:

I use windsurance and I am very happy with the software for my insurance inspections. I tried using a pd filler program first but was not happy with them, it was well worth the money to me to have a program that works easily and easy photo uploading.

All of mine are in adobe professional and designed by me.
When I leave the property, everything is done. Picture insertion, descriptions, form filled out, everything.

Florida insurance inspections

I use a form with Adobe and qpdf.

Easy Four Point and Easy Wind Mit_ are android apps some use. I am trying Easy Four Point today. One time 40.00 download.
I can’t say how it works yet, just took pics and notes so I could test it tonight.

It takes too long to add pictures and descriptions.

John’s setup is the easiest and best.

agreed, I have used a number of different forms posted on here by both John and you.
Adobe forms with drop down boxes, and lots of photo pages are the easiest I have used so far.
Just had to give Easy___ a try.

Since 01 baby, thnx for the plug!

I would love to see a template.
I have had two insurance inspections. One a kitchen fire. the other was water from a broken pipe.
I found it hard to form a working template.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Your welcome

Good to see you still hang around here.

Robert as far as i know the only ones John uses or is talking about are Florida ones. 4 point Normally written by each inspector except when requested by Citizens insurance company and the a Wind mitigation report written by the Florida OIR "office of insurance Inspection. Then maybe a Citizens roof condition report which most companies want or use when they want to know the current condition of the roof. You can see some examples here

Thanks John…

Mike thanks.

No 4 point inspection as of yet in Canada as far as I know.

I was looking for a technical insurance type of report.
IE: For flooding, fires etc.
I am basing my insurance reports off of phase inspecting.

I use a 3 part process.
Tell me what you think please.

You are at the home 3 times.
The insurance company has done their part and I follow their assessment.
“I am not there to fight with insurance companies or the builder!”

1: Assess the condition of any damage with images after the cleanup and start the bases for the report.
You use the assessment.
Use a typical HIP report and edit out what systems and components not needed.
All images are taken and I write a report on the area in question. Kitchen, basement, bedroom.

2: Reinspect after the demotion and prior to closing the walls.
That is critical.
In some cases the insurance company will reevaluate condition when high end/man made cabinetry, wardrobes or wall units are removed and saved to rebuild a wall and they may further inspect to evaluate later.

3: Finalize the report with a walk though, photos of completed work
Reviewing the insurance companies assessment data sheet I insure everything is functioning and your check list is completed.

Any thoughts?
Sorry for the edit all.

I do not know of them but I imagine if the insurance companies had any brand they would hire those guys directly. I can definitely see the need for them.

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