Inswing Hurricane Rated Entry Doors (FLorida)

Good afternoon!
I am trying to clarify if an INSWING HURRICANE RATED DOOR w/Glass qualifies as an acceptable door for the Wind Mitigation Report?? The door has an NOA Label like all others, but the Insurance company is saying that because it swings inward that they can not get credit for the opening protection category. I figured if it was rated and tested by the state, it should qualify regardless.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!


Show them the sticker with the approved NOA, inswing or not, a rated assembly is just that.


Thank you Dominic!! That’s what I say too!!!


What is the NOA number for the door? I’ve done quite a few inspections where a contractor installs an impact rating approved door slab into a non-approved in-swing frame for a number of reasons including cost savings or HOA demands that door be in-swing.
I would be confident that the door is not impact rated in an in-swing configuration, I’m not seeing what you are seeing though so I may be incorrect. Also there are a number of doors in production that have labels for multiple models, so always ensure the door is impact approved with glazing installed and then get a photo of the impact rating approval etching on the glass, anything less would risk the home owner losing credits they received if a reinspection occurs and the new inspector cannot find that supporting documentation.

If you believe the door was installed correctly and should be impact rated you can search the NOA number and confirm the door was tested as an in-swing door.

The Florida Building Code NOA search website is:

The Miami Dade NOA search site is: Product Control Search - Miami-Dade County