InterNACHI and HomeGauge

InterNACHI and HomeGauge wishes to Welcome its members and users to this fabulous informative Forum. InterNACHI’s Founder, Nick Gromicko and CEO, Chris Morrell worked strategically with Russell Buchanan, President of HomeGauge to create this alliance through this interactive Forum to better serve YOU. Your time is valuable, and through this Forum, both InterNACHI and HomeGauge will provide you with fast and efficient solutions to any questions you may have.

Go HomeGauge!

Go HomeGauge and InterNACHI !

Thank you Sheilenna!!

About to upload yet another HG InterNACHI themed report. :wink:

Been entering HG CMI themed reports for awhile now.

Does HG come with mold and commercial templates?

Yes. Plus you can edit/customize or build you own.

The InterNACHI theme report is one of the best looking. I like the Canada InterNACHI one myself. Must be the maple leaf.

The cool thing about html is that while we have many different variables to choose from anyone can make a custom look with the help of a website person who knows html.

HG rocks!!!
Original home inspection report trailblazers.
Often imitated, never duplicated.

that does seem nice

Does HomeGauge offer Wind Mit, 4pt and Roof Certs as well

They sure do.

Does HG merge with ISN?

An AWESOME and Welcome addition
I have been with HomeGauge for many years.
I am looking to upgrade in the next year and will be in contact.


Hi Joe! Thanks and good to hear from you. Watch the Cyber Monday special (in our News Alert) as it will be the cheapest anyone can get HG software or Services on that one single day next Monday

I don’t much like the word “cheapest.” Let me re-write that for Russell:

This coming Monday is Cyber Monday. Make sure you come to InterNACHI’s HomeGauge forum on Cyber Monday. Why? For one day and one day only, you can get the very best deals on HomeGauge software and related services. It only happens once a year. Be here!

Do I see a price war in our future?

Only on that one day Cyber Monday. After that, I don’t battle on price. That “cheapness” I don’t play. But you can get a great deal on Cyber Monday.

If I have a 100+ pictures for an inspection, does HG batch add all the photos or do I need to upload 1 at a time?

What makes HG stand out above the rest of the software companies?

When will HG be compatible with the I pad mini?

Can i have a template with repeated comments, illustrations and photos already in place?