Interesting Article in Atlanta's AJC

Good article huh. Funny how iNACHI’s name is never present in any media out there. It’s going to be an interesting next few years.

ASHI is supposedly going down the tubes, yet they are still out in front of the general public.

Thanks for posting Robert! :slight_smile:

I agree, still going, going, going, going…

Not very hard to do when it is ASHI writing the press releases for publication. Same horror story, same solutions, different city.

I believe that the new Real Property Times being created by Nick and Dr. Swift should be hammered big time to all realtors, and media outlets everywhere. Perhaps, Jay Leno???

Now who ever said that?

ASHIis alive and well and gaining new members every day. I assume that all of the associations are gaining new members just like ASHI. The profession is bouncing back after a dismal 18 months.

As for why you see ASHI in the news so much, ASHI budgets and spends a couple hundred thousand dollars a year for membership PR. I would think that other associations would do the same for their membership.

Our friend Nick is Trademarking another inspection title


It’s all smoke and mirrors, my friends, smoke and mirrors. :slight_smile:

If ASHI inspectors think they are better than iNACHI inspectors, wake up. If iNACHI inspectors think they are better than ASHI inspectors, wake up.

Belonging to an association doesn’t make one better than the other. I know many ASHI guys that are great at what they do, I also know many iNACHI guys that are great too. But don’t forget, I know several that don’t belong to any association and succeed just as well.

It’s what you learn and take away from the experience that makes you a better business person. JMO

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A little point to ponder

Some HI’s have a background that would qualify them as TOP HI in the world

This has little to do with *** membership, education, number of inspections and / or test results

While all the above is part of the bottom line other factors must be put into the picture

The first on the list is “are you an inspector’”

Here is the test - Can you find the issues and report same?


No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

Brian Doles made a profound statement.

Most of us belong to MANY clubs. We get different things from each. None of these clubs have made us great OR made us bad. For an inspector to say I’m a GREAT inspector because I belong to ASHI, NACHI OR the east alaskan pole barn bending inspectors association is smoke and mirrors. You’re good OR awful because you’re you - not because they did that for you.

They give you learning events or opportunities - you use them and learn OR don’t learn.

Licensing will not stop dastardly Dad’s doing deliberate damage during delinquent inspections.


I live about 5 miles from the ASHI national headquarters. I know, and respect, many ASHI inspectors. I also know of many ASHI (and NAHI, independent AND NACHI) inspectors who I would not trust to inspect my storage shed.

Is your only concern (and I also address this to NAHI and NACHI) about increseing membership?

Is it about quanity, or is it about quality?

Is it about membership dues or is it about better serving the public?

Is it about slamming the other, or is it about working to better the housing stock, making it safer and saving lives?

What are the priorities? This question MUST be answered.

It’s not, and never has been, about the association. It is ALL about the individual inspector.

If the associations are more concerned with membership numbers and poking the eyes out of the other associations, things will never get better.

It is not (and NEVER has been) about the association. It is ALWAYS about the inspector.

There will be more bad (or, at least, percieved bad inspections. Once the press gets involved, nothing is factual, usually) inspections and the industry, as a whole will suffer.

Not to toot my own horn, but consider this.

I am a good inspector. I provide quality and professional inspections. I have only 2 complaints from former clients (that I am aware of) and I have worked very hard to settle their problems. In both cases, the cleint was not satisifed with my work. In both cases, I (and only me) failed to fully explain the limitations that HIs have. In both cases, I refunded the inspection fee. Im one case, I also bought the client a new dishwasher (it was 10 years old and worked during the inspection and seemed OK, but it is ALL about keeping the client happy. This is business!) and both have since referred me.

I have a no complaints score from BBB and good referrals.

Scott. Ask the local members that you trust about me. I will abide by their ruling.

That said, the associations MUST concintrate more on quality, self policing and raising the bar.

If we give great “marketing”, but the product that the associations “market” (I.e., their members) is not up to snuff, all those marketing dollars, all that “PR” is just p*ssing in the wind.

ASHI, NAHI and NACHI must do better in this respect.

It is about PR, and marketing and referrals and benefits.

BUT, it is much more about the product that the associations represent. Our members.

These silly association wars, usually, just boil down to “who has the biggest d**k” arguments.

These types of arguments are just plain silly and should stop.

I would ask that ALL the associations agree to REALLY crack down on all their members who are more concerned with slamming the other associations and consentrate on the things that will provide a better product to the general public.

Are we going to devolve down to the level that many of the trade unions have, (i.e., let’s do a worse job and get better paid to do it) or are we going to be true professionals and demand higher and higher education and professional and ethical standards from our members?

Ball is now in your court, Scott.

I, and many of our Chicagoland Chapter members, stand ready to have yuou join us in this effort. I can say, with great confidence, that many of the Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio NACHI members will also agree.

I, and many other NACHI, ASHI and NAHI members that I know, stand ready. Let’s take this industry to the next level.

That was my thought. Just because he now(or will soon) has a license, doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. If this guy has sh!tty ethics now, he’ll still have them when he has a license.

Maybe with all the other budget problems the state is currently having, Mr. Perdue won’t sign it.


Licensing does not do anything but generate revenue for the state and dumb down the profession.

In that respect, dastardly Dad’s will be in greater demand once the 25 year old video store clerk finishes his 80 hour class and gets his home inspector’s license.

No one rule fits all…

Texas requires approx. 448 hours of education and 7 years experience as
a contractor, engineer, or architect. How does that dumb down the profession?

They have another path that requires approx. 220 hours and 200 supervised
inspections (from a sponsor inspector). How does that dumb down the

I send the state $29 a year… can’t they do better than that?
I sent the state $100 ten years ago for a recovery fund.

The state does not even charge me sales tax. How are they making
money off of me?

Not all states are the same.

I meet guys all the time that are not doing home inspections because
it is against the law. Don’t tell me the law does not stop some people with
no training from doing inspections, I see it all the time.

The law cannot stop people from doing wrong, but it can prosecute
those who get caught.

I agree… in some states they have poor laws and they get poor results.
In that case, I agree with you.

You have to stop repeating the same lines over and over like a brainless
chant. You think it makes you sound macho, but your not thinking.

Didn’t you intend to say ASHI should go down the tubes after supporting House Bills that set us back 20 years?