Got this from the BBB today.

InterNACHI-Better Business Bureau

Now that is hard to believe.
I would think NAHI and ASHI guys would be making calls.

There aren’t any left, they all got tired of paying dues for nothing, smartened up, and joined InterNACHI.

Oh, and I’m not joking. See the hump at the bottom of ASHI prorates dues and then everyone is sent a renewal bill for the entire year, each January. That hump was caused by ASHI members jumping over to InterNACHI early this year instead of renewing with ASHI.

Follow the money.

With ASHI and the NAR raising dues for “political initiatives” and asking for funding for lobbyists to instigate laws for only the gain of themselves, people are finally, I hope, getting fed-up with paying out their own money for no reason. Funding is being collected for only the gain of these “special interest” groups, for the sole purposes of their own organizations, and the pockets of their directors, lobbyists and politicians.

Back to the thread subject, being a BBB A+ member myself for 5 years, this Gold Award is a good thing.