Interesting Brown Discoloration

The left side lug is discolored, only in the inside and nowhere else inside the panel. After a closer look, I saw little metal beads.

100_5717 (Small).JPG

100_5723 (Small).JPG

Possible heat damage due to loose connection?

Appears to be in a humid area.

If the connections and panel are fine (no corrosion), I wouldn’t be concerned.

just curious Dave what would make you think humid condition from those pictures?

I was wondering that myself. I don’t see anything that would lead me to believe a humid condition exist. I still say it’s possible heat damage. Would explain the melted metal specs as well.

I’m sure David has a reason for his thoughts…but He does have me wondering , as i was thinking heat from loose connection also…

Yea I’m sure he has a good reason as well. I just don’t see it at the moment.

I would say this is why

Man it rains alot there. However, I don’t see any moisture in the pics. Am I missing something?

I’m just guessing David knows the city location is a humid area (94%). Again, just guessing.

Could be… Inquiring mind want to know David. He’s probably off taking a nap :wink: lol

It’s fun trying to get into someone’s head (I didn’t see anything in the pics either):wink:

Oh my GOD. I need sleep guys. I had read through the post so fast that I had thought he stated “moisture beads”, but just noticed “metal beads”.

I’m off to bed early tonight. I just returned from the US Virgin Islands and a quite nights rest is definitely minutes away.



:Dand that’s the way it is…:smiley:

Dave you had us all in suspense for that? lol :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: