Interesting old TV receptacle

Came across this strange receptacle today on an inspection and thought it was probably related to an old antenna system. I tried doing some research to find a similar picture, but didn’t find anything. The closest thing that I came across was a similar connector for an old TV tube brightener, but it had 12 pins. Anyone ever see one of these before?

I had one of those in my house whenI moved it, it was attached to an antenna wire that went into the garage and outside but there was no antenna… I remove the entire thing and plug the holes…

Not sure of the age, my house was built in 1973…

My parents had a receptacle like that but with only 3 holes and it was for the tv antenna

You guys remember antennae rotors?

I would love to know how you always find information and photographs of the really bizzar stuff that gets posted on this board. I searched all over for information on these things and couldn’t find anything. Good find!

I have been around the block a time or two. :wink:

I installed one in the 70’s to rotate the antenna for better reception depending on channel being watched.

It stop working shortly afterward due to some woodpeckers…

I also remember having to go outside in bad weather with a pipe wrench to rotate the antenna to improve signal while watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan!

When I was a kid, my Dad used to make me run outside in the winter to turn the aerial by HAND, so the reception would be better to watch Hockey Night in Canada !

damn ,you are old.

One of my first jobs was TV technician, did that from 16 until I was 20.
I worked on everything from the old tube TV’s, hybrid tube/transistor, modular and microprocessor/IC based TV’s. Even worked on those pesky antenna rotors.
I use to stand on top of chimney’s and reconnect loose antenna wires.

I still have one but have not used it ever. It interferes with my cell reception I think.