Interesting Roof Fastening

This is a first for me. Has anyone ever seen rolled roof material wrapped over the edge and fastened like this? Is this something that would be considered acceptable, or another great example of a DIY job?

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Please try to upload your last photo.

Right off the bat I see the termination strip is stepped back behind the cladding. That rolled material is not meant to be lapped over as shown.

It’s a terrible install that looks like it was done by children.



A whole lot of NOPE.:-1::-1::-1:

A metal drip edge should have been placed at the overhang with the roofing material adhered to the top of the drip edge.

Looks like a bunch of Black Jack was gooped on the corner and stucco/EIFS applied over the metal strip. Definitely a WTF situation…

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And that is how you narrate it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think you guys are giving the installer too much credit. Children are usually neater than that :slight_smile:
The last photo was just another area of the roof where I had never seen anything done like this - roll right over everything and call it a day.

Good enough for that neighborhood :slight_smile:

Highest degree of FUBAR for a roof covering. Probably matches the inside of the property.