Is this drip edge

I am looking at the roof edge. This is on the eves of the roof.

The contractor said he installed drip edge and pointed to this.

I have never seen a drip edge like this and think its wrong. Can anyone identify what it is or used for?


What ever it is it’s wrong.

drip edge-wrb.jpg

drip edge gutter.jpg

Nice illustration Chris.

We agree with Chris such is installation is wrong.

It could be used as drip edge, but not not with that installation.

That is not drip edge. Looks like aluminum J channel that has been bent over and installed as a counter flashing for the AL fascia, which does nothing for the shingles. Time for a DO-OVER.

Edit: That may be old drip edge behind that mess, but the AL fascia should be behind that. Still Wrong

Bradley is correct. the old drip edge is behind the white j-mold made to hide the old galvanized drip edge.

Typically, the alluminum fascia is just tucked underneath the existing drip edge, but in this case it was most likely rusted galvanized and they wanted to hide it with the nice white stuff, which in this case was poorly installed also.

Call for proper repair, water will enter behind the alluminum and rot the fascia wood board. :):wink:

Forgot the image;


How many layers of shingles are you guys allowed to have. That would never fly down here (actually it would fly off in a hurricane). Just another sloppy job by a contractor cutting corners. If he gives you a hard time, tell him you will meet him at the house with the building department and let them decide.

Thanks guys, I knew it was wrong just didn’t recognize if it was actual drip edge material. There is only 1 layer of shingles with felt at edge, the picture is at the eves were a ridge starts also. This roof was done with 4 different roofing companies under 1 GC. There was about 50 wrong things to the roof. Thanks again for the help!