Interesting set of stairs

I saw these yesterday on a mid 70’s A-frame. each step is supported with a steel I-beam. The obvious safety issues aside I thought they were kind of cool. Any thoughts on the fireplace stove insert located directly below the stairway.

Do the beams penetrate the chimney? Interesting to say the least.

Yes definitely a cool set of stairs (I bet no one upgrades or adds any safety enhancements you recommend).
Too bad you can not see how the stairs and each I-beam are attached or secured. I would be curious to know if the I-beam is cantilevered or uses some type of moment frame attachment.
I bet Randy the PE would know a thing or two regarding how these stairs should be supported.

Although they look beautiful, what about railings? :shock:

That staircase will never see railings!

That’s a stairway to heaven. There’s a song in that somewhere…

I don’t see an issue with the woodstove insert below. The steps directly over the stove are all at a height that is greater than where a regular wood mantel would be installed. Since they are open, the heat would rise between the steps.

Maybe not but I could make a nice set with my Vernon mortise and tenon cutters out of branches.

I would simply shave off the bark with my draw knife on 6 mo dried wood and stain with a nice Shellac.

Sounds good Norm. :wink:

:shock: :shock: :shock:

Family member was in Boston last week and went to that bar.
It is smaller than it looks on TV.

Wrong Norm. :slight_smile:

No chit! :wink:

I am closer to the other guy…Woodright is his name and he does rustic.

You talking about Roy? I love that show, but havent watched in many years.

Yep first heard about him when at a customers home and he showed me a homemade lath he built based on the guys design which worked with a foot pedal.