Interior basement drainage system installed all the way around

Grosse Pointe Woods, for sale… homeowner spent BIG money on this garbage.
Did the interior system and other junk STOP the water from entering? No.

How about the lady at :55… loollllolllll, Hey lady, YOU called me as you have in previous years. You call my old butt because you know i’ll give you the truth, I don’t play games with peoples home/foundation problems, you want the truth and I serve it right up close to the nostrils. Don’t like it, start calling Foundation morons of Mich or B Dorks or Ever-dorks and see where that gets you.

They were thinking of buying this house and, changed their minds. Eh, I told them if you buy it fine, your decision, just KNOW there will be some future risks, problems and… there are ongoing problems right now! sheesh
Too many homeowners think that throwing tens of thousands of dollars at problems like this will solve everything… not! One day maybe some will begin to understand some of this shtt.