2 interior basement drainage systems installed, both basements leak, why did homeowners call us?

Grosse Pointe Woods, more wasted money $$ on false claims, lies, homeowners get scre_ed, few give a shtt
SEE the stupid cheap white crap along bottom of basement wall? = INT system, pathetic.

see the basement FLOOR about 8-10" wide, was j hammered = interior system

Next, Grosse Pointe Farms, same crap, an INT system was installed when exterior waterproofing is what was needed sheesh, CRIMINAL installations on these system for self-gain, this is the truth

see the stupid little grayish-track with holes/openings along bottom perimeter? = INT system

how about some mold and efflorescence for breakfast lunch and din din

yep they had same EXT cracks n other openings that allowed water in and caused the mold n efflorescence

You can see the step crack in the wall and water coming in pretty much.
I still don’t understand Marc how those pictures you show us always have the stupid grade higher than the top of the wall and expect it to not leak somewhere even if they had a good waterproofing.
Don’t make any sense.
Keep up the good work.

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It is sad, really, the way they take advantage of people! :roll_eyes:

Keep up the good fight and caring for the clients, Mark! :smile:

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