Interior Downspouts!!

First time I have seen the downspout feed back into the basment.

One is no longer functional. The other is right by the main panel.



88806 Bedford 048 (Small).jpg

88806 Bedford 048 (Small).jpg

88806 Bedford 011 (Small).jpg

88806 Bedford 048 (Small).jpg

88806 Bedford 054 (Small).jpg

88806 Bedford 016 (Small).jpg

88806 Bedford 055 (Small).jpg

I my town there are a lot of old houses with that similar set up. I once had a 2 story house with a flat roof, roof was pitched to back of property. rain water ran to back of roof into gutter, down a 4 inch pipe along side of house, into basement, pipe ran along the wall and back out to the front of house (underground )to a main in the middle of the street that collected the rain water from quite a few houses and sent it to a nearby creek. seemed crazy but it worked. no rainwater layed around the property and we always had a dry basement.

Dave, I swear, you find some of the oddest things I have ever seen.

Keep up the great work…:smiley: :smiley: