InterNACHI, amazing!

Hi all,
I have not been here in a while. It has been 10 amazing NACHI years!!!
I want to thank the organization for all of the support to our members. when I started there were a fraction of the members and so much has transpired. A huge thank you to Nick and all of the staff for creating the biggest and best home inspection organization in the world!
NH now has over 300 licensed inspectors and as a licensing board member I can say that 90% of those licensees are INACHI members.
The education offered through our organization is amazing and constantly growing and our NH members are able to meet their continuing education thanks to INACHI!
Thank you Nick and staff!!
Carla Horne
10 year member!

Best org to be in if you plan on being a home inspector. Hands down…The Best

=D> Happy Anniversary, Carla!

Great to hear, Carla.
And InterNACHI’s online courses in NH are approved for both CE and Pre-Licensing.

Congratulations Carla.
How are things at the other end of the lake?

Couldn’t agree more. Congrats on the 10 years. :slight_smile: