InterNACHI attorney doing Law and Disorder class across the U.S.

I took the course and I highly recommend it!:stuck_out_tongue:

I just took the course for the 2nd time today in San Antonio. When I took it last year it was not approved for my state’s CE credit but it is now so it was worth the effort of taking it again to get those CE’s. Thanks to Joe & Nick for putting that together and making it financially palatable to take it again. Joe did another masterful job and there’s a huge amount of great information there to limit our liabilities and minimize our risks. Way to Go, Joe!

I am going to the Houston meeting on 4/24.

I just got back from the course, and it was great! There was a lot of good info to help us reduce our liability exposure. And besides all that, Joe is a great guy!

Tim Hoover
Eastex Property Inspection, PLLC

Attended seminar yesterday and it is well worth the time and $$. Joe understands the law and our business. Good investment.

Bob Conway
Triple Crown Home Inspections
TREC 9257

Took the class in Dallas and was very pleased. If I ever have a claim against my inspection business, I want Joe on my side. That’s for sure!

I took Joe’s class in Dallas last week and was impressed. After 31 years as a home inspector, you think you’ve heard it all. I picked up several self defense techniques that I feel will be very worthwhile.

I flew from Kansas City to Dallas for the seminar, because the seminar here in KC didn’t make. It was well worth the trip AND Joe was a great guy.

For what Joe charges, one couldn’t begin to buy a 1/2 hour with an industry legal expert.

It is so good to be able to talk with an attorney who understands YOUR business and our industry and get great advice. It is worth it just to talk with him in the hallway afterwards.