InterNACHI awarded multi-million dollar government contract to inspect homes in Florida

How do we get started with this? Is there more information to follow?

Hey Nick, I’m in the Pensacola area of the panhandle. Internachi trained and wind mit certified. I was advised to respond to this post to sign up. Thank you.

Hi Nick, I’m located in Broward County, R2 and have I completed the course and have been doing Wind Mit inspections for quite some time. I’d like to be considered for the program.

Would love to help, I am located in Jacksonville and will travel a bit.

Im ready to go wind mitigation is my middle name…will be notified through the nachi website? Or how will we know about the work? Ty nick for this you all are the best…lets go!!!

Thanks Nick for getting us $100 or more this is fantastic I’m sure we will need it…keep up the good work!!!

I’m an inspector in the Hillsborough county area. I worked in the original My Safe Florida Home program as an inspector, a QA inspector, and a Quality Assurance project manager for Applied Research Associates from 2007-2010. I am interested in what it takes to get started with this program.

Pretty simple. Become an interNACHI member, get CPI and Wind Mitigation certified through interNACHI and then contact Nick.

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If you’re interested in enrolling in this program, please contact Michelle Shishilla. Her contact information is at My Safe Florida Home Program - InterNACHI®.


Thanks Ben. A lot of questions have been answered with this one post. :+1:

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Emailed Michelle, commenting here to follow updates. Thank you Nick!
I’m in R2, Palm Beach County :sunglasses:

Thanks ben. I also emailed Michelle. I’m in R2 I’m Broward. Thank you!!

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Hey There! InterNACHI’s goal of participating in the MSFH program is to share the wind mitigation inspections with as many qualified inspectors as possible. We can provide inspections to inspectors who live in Region 2 only at this time. See this map here: [My Safe Florida Home Program - InterNACHI®] If you live outside of Region 2 we encourage you to reach out to Beryl Engineering, Thomas Enterprising or DMI (Don Meyler).

To be a qualified inspector, InterNACHI must have on file the follow (These are State of Florida Requirements)

Obtain a workers comp exemption (if you don’t have workers comp. insurance) by going here: [Non-Construction]

Our inspector portal (see below) will ask you to upload the following documents:

in addition to the above items… inspectors should be prepared to:

  • Upload 5 Prior Wind Mitigation Inspections
  • Take the InterNACHI Wind Mitigation Class (if it isn’t done already)
  • Pay the application fee of $99.00
  • Ensure your InterNACHI profile is up to date with your service area.

**Complete all necessary classes as needed to become a InterNACHI CPI (if you aren’t already)

InterNACHI has the portal for inspectors to sign up… about 90% complete. You can get started by navigating here: InterNACHI® - International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. There is much interest from inspectors for this program. Inspections will be assigned to well qualified inspectors in the areas of the inspections assigned by the State of Florida. I can be reached via email at

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For those of your looking for Region 1 or 3, you can apply to Beryl Engineering at the following link:

For inspectors looking to work outside (or inside) of Region 2, you can also reach out to:

Chris Thomas (My Safe Home Inspection) at: or (all Regions)
Leo Cannyn (Beryl Engineering) at: (Regions 1 and 3) see post above
Mike O’Neil (Don Meyler) at: (all Regions)

Hope that helps you all :slight_smile:


Thank you Michelle. It’s been great working with you and the team as we have prepared for the relaunched program.

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Thanks Scott, love the team-work we have with all of us!

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Hi Dennis,
Iam a new returning inspector here in Florida watched your videos on wind mitigation, four point , swimming pools and spa’s they are very helpful for me any time I have a doubt .

Iam attaching a picture from a wind mitigation this definitely is not a wrap could you help me on this.This house was built in 1986 does not have the right amount of nails or seem proper?

That is considered a clip, as long as it has 3 nails. (Which it does)

However, it looks like the second one was added to the wall because the original one in the bond beam was at least 1.5"away from the truss.
If that’s the case, you would have to see how the other ones are. If all the original clips also only had 2 nails, then it would actually be classified as toe nail. (Clip with only 2 nails)

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Hey Daniel ,Thanks that helped, Iam a new inspector. I appreciate it,