InterNACHI defeats bad ASHI home inspection legislation in Ohio.

InterNACHI’s efforts have once again defeated the bad ASHI provisions previously inserted into the home inspection legislation pending in Ohio.

When H.B. 211 was first introduced, the bill required the home inspection board to adopt ASHI’s standards of practice and code of ethics. InterNACHI’s Board of Directors responded by instructing InterNACHI’s General Counsel, Mark Cohen, to fly to Ohio and meet with legislators. As a result of InterNACHI’s efforts, the current version of the bill no longer requires ASHI’s SOP or code of ethics and all references to ASHI have been removed from the legislation.

InterNACHI’s efforts also helped improve the proposed legislation in other ways. For instance, the prior version of the bill also required any applicant for a license to complete 80 hours of pre-licensing education, and 40 hours of that had to be sitting in a classroom. The current version allows an applicant to complete all training online using online video courses. This is significant because InterNACHI has received more than 1,400 governmental approvals for its online courses and is currently using its [( is awarded, in part, based on experience.

Our thanks goes out to our General Counsel Mark Cohen for meeting with the Ohio legislators to protect the inspection industry.](“”)

ASHI eventually wins these things… look at the mess Florida. :roll:


Thank you Nick, InterNACHI, and Mark for everything!

One day this kind of attention will be needed in Michigan and I’m happy to know the support we need will be there!

Thanks for your efforts guys.

From my short time here, and what I have observed, InterNACHI puts ‘our industry first’ insuring any regulated provisions are unbiased:), and not aimed for one particular group of inspectors.:frowning:

Nick Gromicko & Mark Cohen.
Thank you from this very proud member of the worlds largest home inspection association, InterNACHI.
Keep up the great-work and happy holidays.

Best regards.
CPI, CHI, and Board Certified CMI, Robert Young.
Robert Young’s Montreal Home Inspection Services inc.

Good start but it still needs to become law

Nick, could you or Mark Cohen introduce to the InterNACHI members the Ohio legislators Mr. Cohen is shaking hands with?

Names are listed in

I read, “a grandfathering clause added to the bill.” “We are confident that CMIs will be grandfathered.” Music to my ears.

Hopefully if licensing and regulations is proposed in Quebec once again,grandfathering CMI’s will be lobbied for.


Great job. But don’t think that your work is done on this issue. The language can just as easily reappear in the bill. When dealing with those people (politrickans), you are going to need to stay on top of it and vigilant.