InterNACHI discount on radon courses in Illinois.

InterNACHI discount:

At the $70 a pop with 2 trips and equipment rental I will not be joining the ranks.

It is a joke they test during the inspections and walk through’ s with stickers warning you not to open doors.

$70 a pop?? What are you talking about?


Average fee they charge.
That is why Joe T stopped doing them.

Average up here is around $190.00…on top of a home inspection.


Or go here for $100.00 less.


Hi Guys!

Although that online class may be “cheaper”, almost half the students who take my class have already taken the online class (not necessarily the one you linked to) and failed the state exam the first time around. We’re talking about heavy science content including nuclear physics. Unless you have a strong science foundation, the online course is very difficult for the average person. I make it fun (okay, as fun as possible), relevant and understandable.

As well, taking the classroom version (Hopefully with Healthy Homes!) allows you to ask questions about business launch, licensing, exam and all those things you don’t have the luxury of doing when you are on your own taking an online course.

Those who take my course (See Dan Cullen, InterNachi member) like it because I’m a veteran licensed Home Inspector and radon Professional with many years in the field. I not only teach so that you can pass the exam, but so you can add radon services and start making money at it quickly. Most inspectors, as my own experience, tell me that radon is 30-40% of their annual income. Think about adding $150-200 per inspection! Who wouldn’t want that?

Questions? I’m happy to help navigate.

Lin Marie Carey
Former Nachi member
Healthy Homes Education & Consulting, Inc.

I’m in the cornfields and it’s $125-$175 depending on location. My Chicago buddies all charge $175-225.

A great way to make it work for you is that you drop the monitor and pay hire a technician (i.e. college aged son/daughter, wife, homemaker). I pay my gal $25 to pick up the monitor. Not bad for less than 30 min. work and she thinks she’s something because she “gets” to write off her computer, phone and internet. Hey, whatever floats your boat!

I took the course through the link Jeff provided. The fee was not $100 it was $300 and I thought it was a good course. I have yet tot take my license exam only because of time restraints and some logistics. Fortunately for me I do have a radiation background and radon is basically radiation, so much of the physics was review for me.

The Lung Association course is approved by IEMA, and I did not feel that it was a waste of time. I have not had any experience with the Healthy Home course.

I have cards for places charging around $70 for the entire Chicago area.
Western suburbs they are building with passive systems in place.

*Lets have some disclosure on exact costs *on a small fee aux service here.
How much is the equipment and associated costs to the inspector ?

Not trying to bust anyone …just fact finding.

Is the $70 to perform the radon test or to take the class?

The cost to inspector depends on how you run your business. You can buy the machines at probably an average of $1500 and you will need 3 of them, but you will need to be your own professional, or you can rent them, about $30/month, from another provider and they can be your professional. Or you can buy the machines and use another provider to be your professional. Then there is a fee to run the reports, on average about $25-35/test. Yearly calibration costs I think about $500 per machine, but I could be wrong. Is it profitable? Depends on how hard you work at it.

I am planning on taking the state test this year, I did pass the class.

No one charges, or ever has charged $70 in my area. The minimum here is $125.

Note: I don’t know any inspector, and I know several, that make 30-40% of their annual income from radon testing as Lin Marie mentioned, or anywhere near that figure.

I have cards for a couple of these guys and they advertise big in the NW suburbs.
Clients and one of the guys confimed it .

Hey you guys can do that stuff and I will pass out your cards as well.
Sounds costly since I would not wish to commit feeling a need to push it.

Just me of course and wish you all well in your endeavers.

IMO these guys are cheating themselves. The majority of NW-burbs are high dollar homes and income.

Sitting a box 18 inches off the floor on a chair takes more time in an expensive home ?

I never charge people more based on income.

Me either. I also don’t use it as a reason to charge less. No one in my 4-5 county area has ever charged as low as $75 for radon measurement. At least no one I’m aware of.

That’s not the correct height either.

Then why did you not state the correct height.
Ancient family secret like Calgon ? :slight_smile:

Seems like lots of expense .

You have been in business a long time…how much you been making on Radon so far ?

Better than “Mold is Gold” ?

I just stay away from distraction as much as possible I suppose.
Going multi inspector some day may force me to reconsider but at this point
it is easy to pick up a phone and ask any number
of people to come out and take care of it if needed.

Yet to see any solid numbers here on expense vs income.
Right now it is all conjecture with smoke ,mirrors and promise of training which is where the real money is.

Draw inspections involve no training,no big expense,no selling and most likely more profit yet we only do them when slow.

How many here say “I do not turn the ignition key for under $100” ?

Not knocking anything ,just sayin.
Hope it proves to be a big gold mine for you.

I never said I tested for radon. :slight_smile:
I only know what the average fee is.

Nor do I test for mold. :twisted:

I also like to stay focused on more important things…The Home inspection. :mrgreen:

Oh, and the correct height is at least 20".

Same here .
Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Is your “gal” a licensed radon technician?