October InterNACHI Florida!

Hey Everyone - I have updated the chapter event website with a lot of new information. Please check it out at:

I am really excited to announce that Ben Gromicko will be teaching a class on performing Energy Audits on Homes. He will also have some breaking news for us in regards to performing energy audits and InterNACHI’S new relationship with the Dept. of Energy. Here is a hint:

Also, Ron Huffman and Dennis Rose from Nachi T.V. will be on hand to talk about inspecting Stucco and EIFS.






Been there, done that. Now I have to wait for October to come around. These are the best run most informative meetings you will ever attend folks, hurry and register before it is full and you can’t join us.

Have you registered yet? :slight_smile:


and I hope everyone knows that EVERYONE is welcome, its not just a Florida thing it’s a NACHI thing. Come on down, have fun and enjoy Florida and its NACHI members and the great educational seminars that the Shishillas have lined up!

It will be the most bang for the buck. If you have never been to one of these, it is amazing, it’s class then dinner with great people then a few drinks with great people and then a few headaches with great people…then it starts all over again.

Anyone have anything they would like to have at the meeting, that is not on the list yet??? We will try!

Double Bump

How about home made chocolate chip cookies;-)

Seriously though, perhaps you could invite someone from the Florida Home Inspector’s Coalition to come and speak on the latest info on home inspector licensing, lobbying, what they plan to do for home inspectors during the next legislative session (legislative agenda), etc…

<---- Now that is some funny stuff!!!----------> :stuck_out_tongue: We even let Bob speak before

We do ask someone from to all of our bigger meetings.

Who you in? We will have a few of the Nachi guys. Richard Hyland, Scott Byrnes and Greg Bell are all invited.

The cookies or the Council?:wink:

We started our chapter because the coalition wouldn’t let us have a say and didn’t want to tell us what was going on.
That is all water under the bridge now… Moving on…
We will make our own waves!

John, Come on. You statement above is misleading to the uninformed reader that does not know the history.

That statement is 100 percent true ask any original members of our chapter

We were told to sit down and shut up.

To be fair there were several coalition members who were helpful. Unfortunately those representatives did not represent us.

I was told to sit down and shut up! All I said is that people are upset because they were not getting any information. Then we were told we didnt need to know.

Ok, back to whats important here! Cant wait! It looks like it is really coming together. We are here to help if any is needed.

Bump and yes I intend to bump it often. Gotta get the word out.

More people signing-up everyday! More and more interesting vendors everyday! It will be marvelous!!! If you are going, you will need to sign-up!

I’m all signed up and looking forward to the convention. So what are the rules of tax deductions for such a soiree?

You should ask you accountant. I consider it continuing ed and necessary for business and the therefore as straight business expense. Not including eating and drinking;)

I’m looking forward to seeing all you guys there!

Take the standard $50.00/day deduction for meals and it will never be questioned.

Excellent! Are there CEUs for any of these seminars?