Is this new?

I came across a post by Joe Ferry praising Nathan, I followed it and I ended up at this website. Is this something new Inspectors Group brought out?

That’s all we need is another inspection “school” drawing in more want to be inspectors to an already flooded market. Especially with Thornberry’s dirty hands involved.

Nachi is doing enough damage. Notice how man “students” have joined Nachi in the last year?

That’s not a real university. In some states it is illegal to use the word “university” unless you are one. It is considered deceptive business practices in most other states.

BTW, InterNACHI discourages people from becoming home inspectors by making our courses free. Many people think that being a home inspector is easy and requires little more than checking a few items off. Then they start taking our courses which are the most robust inspection courses in the world. Only then do they realize how much one has to know to be a home inspector… and drop out. Nearly all of InterNACHI’s students drop out.

What I see is what I have been guessing all along but is becoming more obvious.Nathan has emulated Nick and is trying to be the next association but with more widgets and gadgets to sell in his ploy for world domination.

Just shows if you start Monopoly with more than the allotted $1500 you can win the game.

In all seriousness kudos to his energy even though it is just another being added slice to the old well known saying that there is more money in taking a piece of the pie than making the pie.

OK made that up.

However it does show that the market for being the third party or middle man ] never dries up.

The mindset of the average REA is that cheap is best when it comes to suggesting a home inspector. It looks good to them in the eyes of the home buyer, who thinks that they are getting the lowest, best HI price, when in reality, they are getting the most inexperienced, non-alarmist HI that the REA can provide. They then seek out the “free” radon testers and the “free” termite inspectors, all to not only please themselves, but to make themselves look good to the home buyer.

IMO, all HI vendor cronies are marketing to the wrong crowd.