Check out this dude. He runs a fake "University" yet has the nerve to make a YT video about legislation

He literally has the regulated term “University” on his shirt in the video. LOL.


He literally has the word “University” on his shirt.


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What about Mike Casey and the guys over at Inspector Services Group?

OMG. And people wonder why our industry has a bad name. Michael Casey actually taught an legal/ethics course a couple years back… LOL.


This just out: InterNACHI® School Approved to Proceed in Its College Reaccreditation Process

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That “dude” knows more about our industry (and Florida related inspection topics) than you realize.

More to the point, the topic in the video is something that may have some significant impact on our profession.


The Butler College study in Ohio, found no difference in complaints about home inspectors in unregulated states as regulated states. Regulated states have education requirements for newbies and continuing ed requirements.
Texas is the only state that has tried to standardize home inspections. There are definitely positives for both the public and inspectors with standardized inspections. But it hinders innovation. Right here on the forum, we see huge differences in how and what inspectors are doing. But the answer to how much better some inspectors and their inspections are to others who seem to be doing less is difficult to quantify. Maybe we should create a competition. Nick can use one of his buy-back houses and inspectors can compete at the same house to see who finds the most defects…hmmmm.


Not to turn it political, but Trump University was never accredited either. And was proven to be a complete scam of course.

Trump University - Wikipedia.


But you did! Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is showing!

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Was just stating another fraudulent use of the term! :man_shrugging:


You guys are funny using this “term” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :shushing_face: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Biden Derangement Syndrome is real!..

Its an easy fallback when there is no other defense.

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STFU TDS Ryan!!! :crazy_face: :shushing_face: :rofl:

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Exactly. He’s the only presidential candidate that can’t be criticized evidently.

Well, soon he’ll know where to order new embroidered shirts. :slight_smile:

Are you going after Mike Casey too?

It certainly is, and you have got a bad case of it. Poor 0biden dick suckers. SAD

Have you been able to confirm that their name wasn’t deemed acceptable by the commission?

Go after him for what?? Inspector Services Group is in Carmel, IN, and as far as I know, the use of the word “university” is not a regulated term in Indiana.

Someone please point me to the federal law that would prohibit the use of the term “university” and the fine or punishment for the crime of using that word.

This youtube channel is listing as coming from Central Florida. I don’t know if this guy is associated with that youtube channel, but this is what the ABOUT says:

edit to add: I just watched a couple of his videos. He talks about “Here in Florida”, “Here in my area of Florida” “My Florida SOP requires opening panels”

This is a channel dedicated mostly to the home inspection industry, sometimes a personal fun video shows up but this is all about home inspections! We cover home inspector fails, defective building products, home inspection SOP, new construction and technical education. We have a home inspection company in the Orlando area ( and we have a home inspection school ( There are a lot of “how to” type of videos. We really appreciate your likes and subscribes!!! #inspectagator, #homeinspectionorlando, #homeinspectortrainingflorida


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