Internachi is a good organization but...

Internachi is a good organization, but its active members are what truely makes it what it is.

This AM, I sent an email to Jeff Pope and just asked him to view it a but and give me info at his leisure.

Within about an hour, I received about a 4 paragraph reply, that was the typical Jeff Pope professional, great insight and not only helped with this problem, he gave me a solution to prevent it from happening again, just by changing the wording a bit.

NACHI is a good organization, but I will say it again, its active members make this organization what it is and I thank you.

That was pretty much the,only reason I had joined Nachi. I was able to view the forum before I became a member and get a feel for how helpful the members were.


Sometimes the advice can come from a source not even recognized on the MB from someone in contact with top companies around the world. I have sent many a message out to get info for Members and I too have been a source of knowledge.
Personally I am not good with long letters but I will show you where to find something if it is in my library or contacts.

Thanks Russell. I’m happy to help.

Jeff is a top notch member, a true professional. Is he a member of your super secret, elite home inspector society?

That’s funny, because I would expect the same type response from you, as I have gotten in the past.

What society would that be Linas?

Well said Russell !! I feel the same way and have gotten tons of help and advice from many of the members here. I have spoke to many on the phone about shop and to just shoot the poop. Some really good people here and more info than anyplace else in the world.


Just reached 10 years of business. I never was a member of any orginization for several years, and performed thousands of inspections. I had to join some assocation due to pending Kansas home inspection laws, and joined InterNACHI and became CMI shortly after. I get free educational credits, and other info. I am sort of an “maverick”, since not being a member of any association for years, have my own computer reporting, and stay-off of social sites, I have been pretty successful. Economy has hurt since 2008, but seems to be coming back this year.

Postings in Open Forums will bring many responses form outside of the NACHI Community.

Sometimes Builders or those from the Building Trades.
Sometimes from the Product Manufacturing Representatives if a specific product line is mentioned.
It is all good no matter where the education and insight comes from.


I had a Client several years ago where one of my Inspectors completed a Re-Lo Inspection.
Upon closing,the client noticed glass all over the Kitchen floor from a damaged microwave door.

At the time, we offered a 90 day guarantee and replaced the microwave.

Investigation showed that this is a systemic problem with many and not isolated to a particular manufacturer.

I get at least 20 - 30 Emails a year
based upon that single post in 2007 where Consumers have had the same problem.

It is truly amazing the distance and breadth that your BB Post here will go…

I just answered a E-mail a hour ago from someone in Illinois that had a question about a post that I had made concerning HVAC I get them periodically and always answer promptly one good deed serves another

The only…and I mean its a SMALL problem is that it is the same people giving time and again. I wish more would get involved and help out. It seems to be the same 50 people, out of what 10,000?

But it is a good 50 people and although some I disagree with, they have the right to present their side as well and it gives a nice perspective on things.

I agree Russell, I checked into how many members are in my area, and let’s say there isn’t too many Nachi members, but only one posts frequently, and another does stop in sometimes. There was a good few that I have never seen there names on these boards.

InterNACHI has really sharp members from many different countries, 31,000+ registered message board users, top-notch educators, innovative industry vendors, and 18 superhuman staffers who work 6 days a week.

Put them all together and… Welcome to the Inspection Capitol of the World!