InterNACHI is capping N. American membership at 10,000, which we are fast approaching

Join now, while there are still available seats on the plane.

Will there be a provision for charter membership for those of us who have been here from the beginning?

Why would you do that?

Wow, Ok…

Makes no sense to me.

Why ???

Having a membership at InterNACHI is much like having a seat at the NYSE… only so many seats. Get 'em (join) while you can. Otherwise you’ll be put on a waiting list and you’ll have to wait for an existing member to retire.

Transferable after retirement?

Or death :slight_smile:


Its like NFL/MLB/NBA season tickets! Can I sell my membership rights?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Again? You tried to “cap” @ 10,000 back in '07.

Sounds great.
I’am glad i’m in already :slight_smile:

Not buying into it…

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4 more months and you will have been here ten years

Yep, then the real estate market crashed. We’re approaching 10,000 N. American members again.

Yep. Got close to 10k and then the membership roles were finally cleansed. It dropped back down to 4-5k.

Our database is now tied to accounting so that our membership numbers are 100% accurate to the second and is updated in live time every 30 seconds.

We raised dues on new members to $499 (we don’t raise dues on existing members) recently… but that didn’t slow anything down. We had 24 new members join today.

With our latest project where real estate agents can get their education online and for free at InterNACHI, we expect even more inspectors to join… but they better do it while we have slots available, cause we’re capped at 10K.

Nick, Does the membership number reflect only inspectors or does that include vendors and “students” as well?

It includes 1,928 (count as of just now) students and invisible members who either haven’t fulfilled their entrance requirements, intentionally made themselves invisible for various reasons (on vacation, injured, sick, on active duty, etc.), not licensed in a jurisdiction that has adopted licensing, or don’t offer inspection services to the general public (government inspectors, building managers, etc.)